Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle / Grow


Starting a big week on Flatmattersonline with a Must Watch edit that really did bring a smile to my face. I feel like Heresy rider, Matthieu Bonnecuelle has a mystic to his riding that always draws me into watching his riding and that feeling of curiosity as to what he is doing.

When you combine Matthieu’s unique riding style and Tom Sevisual on editing duties, the golden formula is there. Why change it? Heresy continually get this on point.

Let’s discuss this edit:

At the 00:18 mark, Double turbine whiplash with a cheeky hang ten pause and downside whip jump to pedals thrown in to make you hit the rewind button a few times to understand it.

After several watches of this edit, I think the line at 00:30 is my favourite. Matthieu puts a nice detail on a regular trick, turbine steam where he changes his stance foot to the opposite side and hand, then throws an stalled track stand still stood in steam position then with a quick scuff steam throws a bar scoot round the bars into backwards facing whiplash!

The line at 00:52 is a difficult one to describe as I am not sure what you call the name, Matthieu begins on the left side of bike in a cross foot one footed circular spin then switches to x-ft inside steam without holding bars then with a quick fake whiplash motion jumps through the bike round to steam and spins a right side track stand out.

At 2:36, pumping backwards circular spin kick pedal to manual cross over to no handed x-ft pumping peg manual, as with all the tricks in this edit. It is really refreshing to see a rider dare to be different, and express himself and all with a really graceful style to boot.

What a motivating edit to start the week…..

Catching Up with Sebastian Grubinger

During the BMX Cologne contest weekend I caught up with Heresy rider, Sebastian Grubinger to talk about the history of the BMX Cologne. We discuss his first experiences there, his riding spot back in Vienna Austria being made smaller, his opinion on contest areas being a rolling rider, the Heresy brand, his prolific posting on instagram, the importance of the video part and a whole lot more. This was a great catch up with Sebastian, good times in Cologne once again!

Must Watch! Sebastian Grubinger & Matthieu Bonnecuelle – Recycling


Oh boy, this whet’d the appetite somewhat, combine Heresy’s Sebastian Grubinger & Matthieu Bonnecuelle and a couple of moves I have never seen before, that apparently leftovers! And you wonder what’s coming?? I’ve already hit the rewind several times on Matthieu’s slow carving whiplash line at 00:17, Sebsastian’s xft backwards fakie one handed foot jam whiplash stall at 00:34 is such a nice idea! And if I had to pick a favourite line of the edit it would have to be Matthieu’s front yard foot jam stall no handed one footed going backwards and forwards at 1:10, this is an awesome edit that I have hit the rewind several times! Enjoy!

Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / m3ss3_swg

m3ss3_swg from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Autumn is here and it is the season for Must Watch edits! Today we get a real treat from Sebastian Grubinger filmed by Sevisual at the Messe riding spot in Vienna. Over the past year or so, Sebastian has been focussing a lot on back wheel riding, and the backwards two footed walkaround backyard variations variations in his latest edit are absolutely ridiculous. From the opening line at 00:45 this edit hits hard, hit play and enjoy this amazing level of modern day flatland riding!

Sebastian Grubinger – Exile

EXILE from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Early in 2016, Sebastian Grubinger’s riding spot was shutdown due to construction work. A white wall was left with a small strip of asphalt left. Sebastian makes full use of tis small space, and as a result his back wheel riding has improved no end! Especially liked the xft ice cream walk around to two footed dump at 00:47, the backwards manual on the top tube at 00:58, and my favourite the ice cream walk around to backwards two footed backyard. Although it sucks of course that Sebastian lost his full riding spot, he’s made the best of a bad situation. I took a lot out of this, and perhaps you will to!

The 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees Announced!

Flatmatters2015 600X400

It is about that time with great pleasure that I announce the nominees for the 3rd annual Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote this year.

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated, again like I say every year it seems, what an amazing year 2015 was for Flatland!

The Flatmatters 2015 Year End award winners will be announced Sunday January 10th, along with a surprise award just to spice things up!


Nominees are:

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The Sebastian Grubinger Interview!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Tom Sevisual.

W15W6823 Kopie

Summer holidays are over here in the UK, and that means less work for me and more time to ride, and also work on original content for the site. As you can imagine, I have a long list of people I would like to interview, and Sebastian Grubinger has been on that list for a while now.
One of the most interesting things for me is to highlight the riders that are not in the light so much as the main guns. You may say Sebastian Grubinger is on Heresy, that’s the main light. But I would argue despite this, and despite winning awards in the FM year end awards, Sebastian is still underrated.
It’s the underrated riders that nowadays interest me more, I caught up with Sebastian and we talk about a whole lot of things ranging from how he got into flatland, the Heresy brand, music, where he’s from, video parts, his feeling on small contest areas, and much more. Putting together these FM interviews is one of the most motivating things to do, and I really got a lot of going back and forth with Sebastian. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did putting it together.

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Throwback Thursdays with Sebastian Grubinger

HERESY / SEBASTIAN GRUBINGER / 2012 from sevisual on Vimeo.

Tomorrow we drop a big interview with Heresy rider, Sebastian Grubinger! Only makes sense that this weeks Throwback goes to the man himself, we go back just a couple of years to 2012 and a beautiful edit he did with Tom at Sevisual. Definitely worth a watch again!

The 2013 Flatmatters Online Award Winners are!!!

As 2013 draws to a close, I can proudly announce the results of the first FlatmattersOnline Awards! It’s been a tough process, but a fun project to undertake nevertheless I’m sure you will all agree. If you are looking at the videos and analysing what’s good about a rider and his tricks and why that stands out above another rider more than you normally would, that can only be a good thing. Why not put some thought into something you love so much?!

Congratulations to all the winners! I will be sending out the medals in the new year, as well as hopefully interviewing each of the winners about their year! Let’s celebrate, time to party. 2014 is almost here!

Flatmatters Online 2013 Rider of the Year!
Mateus Beckmann

Flatmatters Online 2013 Edit of the Year!
Thomas Noyer – Frontyard Work

Flatmatters Online 2013 Readers Choice Rider of the Year!
Viki Gomez

Flatmatters Online 2013 Readers Choice Edit of the Year!
Heresy – Fifth of September

Flatmatters Online 2013 Brand of the the Year!

Flatmatters Online 2013 Innovation of the Year!
Yohei Uchino – Ucchie Bikeflip

Flatmatters Online 2013 Contest Run of the Year!
Dominik Nekolny OSG 14

Flatmatters Online 2013 Most Progressive Rider!
Mateus Beckmann

Flatmatters Online 2013 Breakthrough Rider of the Year!
Thomas Noyer