Old School Sundays with RL Osborn & Eddie Fiola

After a few weeks off Old School Sundays it feels like time to get back to some old school flatland and it’s always interesting to see where we all came from and how we have moved on. This week we go back to Bercy 1984 and a big show from RL Osborn and Eddie Fiola, always amazing crowds in Bercy. Old school heads will enjoy this one!

Matthias Dandois wins BMX Indoor in Caen, France!


Congratulations to Matthias Dandois taking home his first win of the year at the BMX Indoor contest in Caen, France which was Round 1 of the French Cup followed on the podium by Alex Jumelin and Lee Musselwhite.

1 : Matthias Dandois
2 : Alex Jumelin
3 : Lee Musselwhite
4 : Joris Bretagnolle
5 : Gurvan Le Bloc’h
6 : Fabien Stephan

Festival des sports Urbains 2015 – Royan, France

Check this amazing edit from Festival des sports Urbains 2015 in Royan, France by studeewhy! Great highlights footage from qualifying and the final, featuring Takumi Isogai, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, Alex Jumelin, Thomas Noyer, Sietse Van Berkel, Quentin Pelorson, Manu Massabova, Didier Genet, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Alberto Moya,and many more! Feel the good vibes in Royan, France!

Grenoble Jam – June 27/28th

Quentin Pelorson organised a flatland jam last weekend in his home town, Grenoble, France! Laidback vibes, and great riding!

Riders in order of appearance:
Olivier Katz
Aurelien Simille
John Leblond
Thibault Di Maria
Etienne Giraud
Didier Genet
Quentin Pelorson
Romain Dodelier
Kevin Fessenmeyer

Vote for Thomas Noyer – Dailymotion

Thomas Noyer – DéFISE by SFR- BMX Pro by masto83

The first flatland video has been submitted to the Defise online video contest by Thomas Noyer. He posted his video in the pro bmx category where only 2 other bmx video are posted so far. Support Thomas and give him a vote! The easiest way is to click the ‘ranking’ above and then hit the vote button for Thomas.

Vibration Urbaines Festival 15th anniversary!

News in this morning about the 15th anniversary of the Vibration Urbaines Festival in Pessac, France,, read the press release below..

VIBRATIONS URBAINES Festival is going to celebrate it’s 15th anniversary from October 26 to November 4, 2012 in Pessac (33):

VIBRATIONS URBAINES, it’s 15 editions, 18 400 spectators in 2011, free initiations, concerts, exhibitions, graffiti performances, a breakdance battle, international contests of skate and bmx and big parties !

Since 1998, VIBRATIONS URBAINES had the chance to host international pro riders:

Skate: Bastien Salabanzi, Adrien Bullard, Sébastien Daurel, Julien Bechet, Seb Simon, Jeremy Grousset, Georges Agonkouin, Loic Durant, Moïse Wilhem, Max Genin, Ben Chadourne, Mark Haziza, Maxime Geronzi, Heinrick Peccatus, Julien Merour, Dany Hamard, Idriss Diop, willy Simon, Alex Herman, Jeremie Plisson, Gauthier Rouger, …

Bmx: Sean Sexton (US), Chris Doyle (US), John Eaton (US), Mike Miller (UK), Harry Main (UK), Senad Grosic, Luke Towey (UK), Kye Forte (UK), Jimmy Nanbelle (BE), Hannu Cools (BE), Dave Rytell (US), Barry Kohne (Holl), Mark Vos (Holl), Alex Kennedy (UK), Max Charveron (F), Joris Coulomb (F), Stefan Lantschner (It), Simone ‘Kid’ Barraco (It), Leon Perkins (UK), Daniel Vedemeijer (Belgium), Tony Hamelin (USA), Jay Roe (USA), Darryl Tocco (USA), Lil’Jon (NY, USA), Kris Kyle (Scotland), Chaze Mailey (Scotland), Ricardo Laguna (USA), Camilo Guiterez (Peruvia), Waldemar Fatkin (D), Ben Hennon (UK), Markus Hampl (ALL), Josh Perry (US), Karl Poynter (US), Eric Holley (US), Leigh Ramsdell (US), Kelly Bolton (USA), Ondra Slez (CZ), Mickael Beran (CZ)…Alex Jumelin, Mathias Dandois, Raphael Chiquet, Adam kun (Hungary), Viki Gomez (E)…

To celebrate the 15 years of the festival, the organization added NEW STUFF, in particular in the slide field:
The presence of former winners riders from the previous editions and new top riders !
An UNPRECEDENTED dirt trail on the old site of the Bellegrave gymnasium with 500m3 of land (almost twice the size of 2011 !!!) directed by Pat GUIMEZ and Markus Hampl !
The ALL IN PARTY special 15th edition of V.U. Saturday november 3 with: the final of the international flat bmx contest, bunny up, street best line, skate out, trashcar, but also an exhibition & an old school jam and others surprises …

The big times of the sliding sports with:
The international skate contest on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, October
The international bmx contest (dirt, park, street and flat) from Friday 2 to Sunday 4, November.