Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 5

To coincide with the annual BMX day, Viki Gomez just dropped Rise 5. What would Viki follow up his award winning video with from last year, this year… There are so many complex gems in this one, working his titanium bike to its full potential.


2:54 Forward death truck turbine line switching out opposite side.
3:35: Line of the edit for me, watching this one on repeat. The exit is beautiful.
4:55 Two footed turbine backyard line, so much style and body English.
6:15 Ice Cream bike flip out peg wheelie hop to xft steam!

There’s a lot of great stuff in this great edit put together by Sevisual. Happy BMX day everyone! Thanks Viki and Sevisual for this treat!

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual


As I took my first viewing of Peter Olsen’s new “Ritual” edit, my mind was completely blown. How do I write about this I pondered to myself… It speaks volumes of how good this edit is, that it took me 3-4 views to truly digest what he was doing.
“Ritual” fuses together everything I love about flatland, the solitude feeling of the way in the way was filmed.
The insane riding level of untouched lines with years of depth going into each line with a liquid like effortless flow, the vibe of the edit that matches the Heresy brand direction, this edit screams “this is flatland at it’s very finest!”.
I would normally do a detailed description on this edit, but let’s change things up and discuss this one in depth in the comments section. Peter Olsen, Heresy BMX, filmers, Sevisual take a long bow, this is as good as it gets!!

Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / m3ss3_swg

m3ss3_swg from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Autumn is here and it is the season for Must Watch edits! Today we get a real treat from Sebastian Grubinger filmed by Sevisual at the Messe riding spot in Vienna. Over the past year or so, Sebastian has been focussing a lot on back wheel riding, and the backwards two footed walkaround backyard variations variations in his latest edit are absolutely ridiculous. From the opening line at 00:45 this edit hits hard, hit play and enjoy this amazing level of modern day flatland riding!

Heresy – 2015 Flatmatters Awards Brand of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Matt Coplon, Sevisual.

Welcome to the second in the series of interviews with the winners of the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End awards. Over the past few weeks I caught up with Heresy head honcho, Alexis Desolneux to get his thoughts on winning the year end brand award, the team, what’s behind the HY brand and so on. Without a further a due, let’s get this started…


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Must Watch! Adam Kun – Total Living 2013

Adam and Tom from Sevisual combine once again to bring you this high quality “Total Living 2013” edit filmed in Budapest, and Vienna. The crackpacker switch to xft inside steam without holding the bars around 1:14 is so nicely done, and theres much more besides! This is definitely worth wa tch!