Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 5

To coincide with the annual BMX day, Viki Gomez just dropped Rise 5. What would Viki follow up his award winning video with from last year, this year… There are so many complex gems in this one, working his titanium bike to its full potential.


2:54 Forward death truck turbine line switching out opposite side.
3:35: Line of the edit for me, watching this one on repeat. The exit is beautiful.
4:55 Two footed turbine backyard line, so much style and body English.
6:15 Ice Cream bike flip out peg wheelie hop to xft steam!

There’s a lot of great stuff in this great edit put together by Sevisual. Happy BMX day everyone! Thanks Viki and Sevisual for this treat!

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 5

  1. this is not a must watch ,THIS IS A MUST WATCH TWICE!,VIKI was the man, is the man, and will always be the man! SUPER STOKED ON THIS ONE

  2. His time machine -360 bike shuv it , double foot rocket jump to Cobain roll , and every single line is so rad…….this new era of his riding , how he’s creating and building with all of it , just rules . Superb and obvious pick for that must watch tag , Effraim…..a strong contender for E.O.T.Y. ….

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