DUBJUANCO: Montréal 2 Windsor

Ride along with Jean William Prévost & Juan Niebles as they drive from Montréal to Windsor passing through Toronto and enjoying sessions with Remy Dunoyer, Brandon Fenton and Chase Gouin at the Toronto Dunbat skatepark and at the Windsor/ Detroit water front! So good to see some fresh Dub footage, and Chase Gouin!!! Don’t miss this one!

9 thoughts on “DUBJUANCO: Montréal 2 Windsor

  1. Dub in his full attack mode , Fenton’s smoothness , Juan’s hammers lines , Remy’s flow , and O.G. Gouin busting out . I really enjoyed this edit , everything about it . ……and of course ,again , everyone’s riding was SO rad . I.G.I. always comes through rolling hard . Loved this and eager for even more future edits ……

  2. Remy is becoming my new favourite cameo appearance rider. Never seen him ride til Dub’s videos but I was big fan of BMX Force store. Good combos look hard and easy at same time.

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