Mark Noble: Ride On Interview

Ride On talks to Mark Noble.mp4 from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

This is one of those moments where I say grab a cuppa, set yourself an hour free to chill out on your couch, and tune into the Mark Noble Ride On Interview. Mark is the man behind Ride UK BMX Magazine and much more, and the man that encouraged me to start Flatmattersonline. Mark was also a flatland world champion. This is essential viewing, top work Waddy!

5 thoughts on “Mark Noble: Ride On Interview

  1. I still read all of my Ride U.K. BMX magazines. My all time favorite BMX magazine . Mark Noble deserves to be inducted into the BMX Hall Of Fame for this magazine and every single thing he gave , created and pioneered for the sport . This interview , a MUST WATCH in my opinion……Mark encouraging E to start this site was monumental for the global Flatland community. Huge respect to Mark Noble , Waddy for this interview . Also had no idea Mark was a Flatland world champion……adds even more clout , accolades to his career in BMX….

    • Had no idea , Amos…..I was stoked watching his lines in this interview ……speaking of lines….how bout another line for the exclusives column from ya ? I’d love to see it bruv….

  2. I finally had the opportunity to watch this from beginning to end. The last line selected for this interview was certainly intentional and poignant. This sport has always inspired me in many ways from setting incremental riding goals to following the fearless ingenuity and tenacity of folks who just made things happen in our BMX world. You know those folks who say: “Ya let’s open our own bike shop; create a local contest” or to mammoth accomplishments like the gentleman in this interview.
    As a principal of a local school, my greatest learning never occurred in university classrooms but in the worldwide classroom of BMX and I believe my students are better off because of it!

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