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As I took my first viewing of Peter Olsen’s new “Ritual” edit, my mind was completely blown. How do I write about this I pondered to myself… It speaks volumes of how good this edit is, that it took me 3-4 views to truly digest what he was doing.
“Ritual” fuses together everything I love about flatland, the solitude feeling of the way in the way was filmed.
The insane riding level of untouched lines with years of depth going into each line with a liquid like effortless flow, the vibe of the edit that matches the Heresy brand direction, this edit screams “this is flatland at it’s very finest!”.
I would normally do a detailed description on this edit, but let’s change things up and discuss this one in depth in the comments section. Peter Olsen, Heresy BMX, filmers, Sevisual take a long bow, this is as good as it gets!!

23 thoughts on “Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual

  1. Favourite abstract shit.
    Don’t get it..but I like it.
    Keeper edit.

    and a Nice track toboot.

    Thanks for saving Flatland from its self.

  2. I wish we saw more of these type of lines going down in a contest. Nice long lines instead of the ride in a 10 foot circle and spinning non stop. Glad to see new clips of Peter, last clips was when he rode for S&M and he was amazing than now he is out of this world.

  3. Pivots on top of straddle roni. Backwards x foot backyard must feel like total freedom. Watching straight impossible lines reminds me of dorkin vids. Buy that man a cigar.

  4. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus!
    Looks like those noodle legs have found a home!
    Not that they ever were away to begin with, but this is GAD DAMN insanity!
    Can’t even find the words…
    My friend you are telling us what!

  5. One more FOR SURE contender for edit of 2020 !! First viewing of this was VERY overwhelming ……TOO much difficulty all at once . His multiple X-leg whiplashes , uncross / pivot to backwards facing ,hybrid crack packer……SANS the SEAT hold , uncross / pivot ..BACK , and these friggin stradle ronis ! OHHHHHHHH , these stradle ronis , stepped over , STILL rolling to cross rockets , CONTINUING these insane back wheel combos !! Seems like every couple years a rider seems to find their very own way to flow, and just master their own way of riding the front or back wheel . I remember when Ucchie came through to the U.S. , @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2008 , with his signature way of SLLLAAAMMMING DOWN the back wheel ………now Peter has not only mastered a ridiculously HAAARRD way of flowing about ,on his front wheel , as he ALWAYS has done with some of the most MENTAL rolling , pivot transitions imaginable ……..but NOW he has clobbered Flatland over the head , without warning with these damn X-leg position back yard roll , pivot lines ……rolling BACKWARDS at that …….and AGAIN …….his stradle roni / death truck game is fresh , extremely technical …..and as PROGRESSIVE to the art of BMX Flatland as when Chase Gouin first unleashed a rollaid , directly to Fajita decade in Function Victim , the O.G. Marton classic BMX video , circa mid -2001 ! Effraim said it best……….BMX Flatland at its FINEST , TIMES 7 . Heresy BMX compnay , Tom Sevisual , Peter Olsen , etc …….this edit is just WHAT a MUST WATCH video is all about , all things considered ,covered , and sewed up !! I cant imagine what it must feel like , nailing lines with so much technical difficulty as Peter …..must feel DAMN good just knowing without a DOUBT ,that youre pulling / creating some of the most complex links in Flatland today , and to think ……I get stoked as hell just to roll a half ass , sketchy , ugly looking hitchhiker , WITH some serious zambony going down , hahaha. If I could pull just a lil bit of a Peter Olsen link ……Id feel like a BMX Flatland Yoda , Bat Man , super hero type of guy , walking around with a strut 24-7 , hahaha…………..Yeah …gotta watch this for the 5 th time !

  6. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all the kind words, I was happy to document this chapter in riding and be able to share. Some things I’ve wanted to do for ages and was happy to get them on camera. I grew up on video parts and I’ve always wanted to be able to contribute to the culture in my own way. Big thanks to everyone who had the patience to film, Matthieu for the graphic, Tom doing everything editing related, and Heresy for being supportive in everything.

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