The 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees Announced!

Flatmatters2015 600X400

It is about that time with great pleasure that I announce the nominees for the 3rd annual Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote this year.

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated, again like I say every year it seems, what an amazing year 2015 was for Flatland!

The Flatmatters 2015 Year End award winners will be announced Sunday January 10th, along with a surprise award just to spice things up!


Nominees are:

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Re-Direct – Tangmen – Welcome to Deco edit

“RE-Direct” Introducing DECO. rider from Japan. from FuckFlatlandEntertainment on Vimeo.

Normally write something about each video, and I guess I a doing that right now. But the description for the video kind says what I was feeling so….

“He was a flatland rider. That was 2 years ago.
He started park riding, dirt riding, street riding.
He became a BMX rider. Not a flatrider.
He found he can have good time by knowing BMX riding more.
Now, he rides Flatland, Park, Dirt, Street.
And he will become a excellent example that anybody can have good time with BMX in Japan.
That is one reason that he is riding for DECO.”