Shinichi Kiba Bikecheck!!

Intro: Effraim
Photos: Shinichi Kiba

It’s been a while since I have dropped a bikecheck. To kick start the bikecheck articles back off I wanted to feature a rider using brakes, and right as I had that train of thought. The news of Russia’s new frame broke on his facebook page. Within about an hour we had a full bikecheck and photos to boot. Russia is uber tech, and uber dialled! Check out this ride, and also check the related links for some of his awesome riding edits!

Frame: Remind – Revive
Top 19.0inch 

Head Angle 75°

Seat Angle 70°

Chain Stays 318㎜

Weight 1700g

Fork: Motel Works – Ambassador fork
Bars: Bouyancy – 4pc bar
Brake lever: – Tech 77
Brake: Suelo
Bar end: Remind – Re barend
Grip: Odi – Longneck
Stem: Colony – TLD stem
Head set: Colony
Seat: Colony

Seat post: Odyssey – Convertible Post
Seat clamp: Animal
Cranks: KHE – Erlkonig Crank V2.0
BB: Colony
Pedal: Arestic – Plastic Pedal
Sprocket: Remind – Re sprocket
Chain: Odyssey – Bluebird chain
Front rim: Proper
Rear rim: Alex rim
Front Rear Tire: Arestic – Aclass 1.90
Rear Hub: Nankai
Pegs: 059 Brand – F-R peg R

Please Check!!

Watch Shinichi Kiba bust out!

Dane Beardsley Transworld Bikecheck

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