Scott O’Brien – Voodoo Jam Top 5’s

The Voodoo jam is almost here, organisation and preparations have of course already began for Scott O’Brien and Terry for months! Scott recently got given the honour of a signature Voodoo jam frame from St Martin, I thought it would be the ideal time to hit him up with a Voodoo jam themed top 5’s! Enjoy!

Predict your top 5 for Pro Class Voodoo jam 2013:
Jesse Puente
Chad Johnston
Pete Brandt
Adam Kun
Justin Miller
Are you crazy,, im not gonna predict that! Hahaha!

Predict your top 5 AM class Voodoo jam 2013:
I cant haha i dont know anyone. haha

Favorite daily jobs to do leading up to Voodoo:
Aggravating Terry about sponsors
Picking up T-Shirts
Asking Hector to do something to the website and he takes two weeks. Ha!
Picking up friends from airport
Tweeting from the Voodoo Account

Favourite Battles in Voodoo jam history:
I really cant think of anything here. They all are awesome and we only had battles 2 times actually.

Riders you are most excited to see ride:
Tsutomu Kitayama
Waldemar Fatkin
Sergio Balu
Bert Ribul
Pretty much everyone though!

People your looking forward to hang out with:
Hiro Morisaki
Texas Riders
Japan Riders
Everyone Actually

Favourite Bourbon Street After Party moments:
Balcony 2012. Good times.
Japanese riders seeing the HUGE ASS BEER sign on Bourbon
Ron Monis and a woman that kinda was a dude. Nothing happen just a pic!
Anything with Aaron Frost
Chilling with my Texas homies

Voodoo pre-jam moments:
Sessions at my old house in garage.
Ucchie killing it first time here
#pralex rain session 2012
BBQ with all the riders
Waldemar getting sun burned

Tunes your most hyped to being playing at the event:
No Dub Step!
2 Chainz anything
Daft Punk
DJ Mkultra for the Pro Finals

Motivations to make Voodoo jam happen each year:
Love for Riding
Keep something going for riders
And its a dam good time!!!!

Places to hang out when riders are in New Orleans for the Voodoo jam:
My house
Golf Spot
New Orleans restaurants
Bourbon Street of course
Pre Jam spot

Top 5 Voodoo Jam Fan moments:
Brian Mattai making Pro Trophies every year
Omari Cato Family Voodoo Jam earrings
Rat Rod Ralph picking up Dom from Airport
Fans buying the riders beers on Bourbon Street
Everyone that attends year after year and makes it special for the riders

People to thank for making Voodoo jam happen:
My lovely wife Kristi, Mia, Cameron and Brooke.
Voodoo Jam financial/sponsor director Terry Adams.
Alex Jumelin and Rapheal Chiquet for coming to Voodoo in 2004.
Hector Garcia Website / Logo Design Chief
Brian Mattai Pro Awards Director
All the riders that have ever come to enjoy the positive vibes and celebration of Flatland BMX at Voodoo.
Fans of Voodoo Jam, thank you for supporting the riders and letting them know you appreciate them.
Red Bull and @redbull504
Freegun, Flatlandfuel, Dans Comp, Headrush, St. Martin BMX, Deco, Monolithic, Purple Monkey, Sidual, ATI Clothing, Neue, DiversionTV, #Pralex

Peep Scott’s bikecheck promo edit that just dropped for his bikecheck over on Global-flat!

Instagram: scottobmx
Twitter: @TheVoodooJam / @EmceeOB

Jason Forde’s 2013 AJ Footjam

Jason Forde has been riding for St Martin for as long as I can remember, he just got his 2013 stuff. A big change for Jason who almost always rode black bikes. That red clear coated 2013 Foot Jam frame with chrome AJ handlebar and silver Evo pegs is looking dappa. Tight looking ride! Hit the link for more photos…