Must Watch! Shinichi “Russia” Kiba – Sharpen Yourself

“SHARPEN”yourself from FuckFlatlandEntertainment on Vimeo.

Russia absolutely destroys it in this new edit from FuckFlatlandEntertainment. I’m only on my first watch, and already hitting the rewind. What a treat for a Sunday morning! Stickied for the day! Well…

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Shinichi “Russia” Kiba – Sharpen Yourself

  1. loads of switching and blending of many rad front wheel tricks.
    not sure of the first front wheel combo though- is it just me or does anyone else think that when the rear wheel scores a touchdown that should be the end of the trick rather than pop back for more – similar to dabbing?
    probably just me…..

  2. denny its flatland, no rules like dont do that or dont do this because its not stylish, cool or something else…
    some people touch some dont. thats cool about flatland, so many different styles.

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