Must Watch! Heresy – Light


* Stickied. Thursday 22nd October – todays updates below.

Wednesday 21st October will be remembered for a long time for this incredible Heresy Light edit featuring Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, George Manos, and Matthieu Bonnecuelle! Even with George getting injured 30 minutes into the trip in Vienna, all the team come up with the goods as you would expect, and then some! The limits of what is possible on bike just keep being broken! Mind blown today….

Here are a few of my personal highlights:

Sebastian Grubinger: backwards facing manual/backwards one foot/backwards facing manual at 2:42. Foot jam to pedal 5 foot plant 180 rollback to foot jam decade.

George Manos: Inside pedal No handed forward karl at 04:42!

Alexis Desolneux: Double xft around the bars whiplash backwards guillotine out.

Matthieu Bonnecuelle: Backwards facing jump lash at 2:12. landing xft inside peg!. Backwards whiplash to no handed backwards messiah no handed backwards facing whiplash out. And the ender, wow! Backwards xft messiah to xft backwards whiplash!

The Sebastian Grubinger Interview!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Tom Sevisual.

W15W6823 Kopie

Summer holidays are over here in the UK, and that means less work for me and more time to ride, and also work on original content for the site. As you can imagine, I have a long list of people I would like to interview, and Sebastian Grubinger has been on that list for a while now.
One of the most interesting things for me is to highlight the riders that are not in the light so much as the main guns. You may say Sebastian Grubinger is on Heresy, that’s the main light. But I would argue despite this, and despite winning awards in the FM year end awards, Sebastian is still underrated.
It’s the underrated riders that nowadays interest me more, I caught up with Sebastian and we talk about a whole lot of things ranging from how he got into flatland, the Heresy brand, music, where he’s from, video parts, his feeling on small contest areas, and much more. Putting together these FM interviews is one of the most motivating things to do, and I really got a lot of going back and forth with Sebastian. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did putting it together.

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Throwback Thursdays – Carhartt Visit My Town Step 2: Vienna

This weeks Throwback kindly sent in by Mike S! We got back to 2008, and the Carhartt Video series – Visit My Town Step 2 : Vienna. Killer riding from the likes of Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, Frank Lucas, Michael Sommer and James Smith, enjoy!