14 thoughts on “Chimera A-Side Final Battle: Jean William Prevost vs Yohei Uchino

  1. GREAT battle ! Yohei ,SLLLLAAAAAAAAAMMMMIN DOWN some NEW combos ! This looked like such a rad event ……….eager for even more battles to be uploaded , the riding these days is so out of hand , its literally nail biting to watch , haha….

  2. Ah, I’ve been waiting to see this one. Dub always steps up, that undertaker to quad g pedal rope was insane. Gotta hand it to Uchi though. That upside down g-turn to bike flip is like a Street Fighter Special KO!

  3. AGREED , Marley / Johann ! BOTH of those switches / transitions were dope as………….Yohei , his double foot rocket turbines , switched and kinda ALLEY OOPED , haha , up to that switch pedal time machine roll , dropped back down , while turbining ,to the cross ice cream turbines , @ 9.17 MINUTES ……as Effraim would shout ……..AAAAAAOOOOOOOTTTTTTT !! Hahaha…..SO damn rad ! I cant even roll a REGULAR manual , Marley ! Hahaha, been trying to since 2002 , haha…….Ucchie , SLLLLAAAAAMMMMING them down …BACKWARD , to cross ropes ……MENTAL , to say the least . YOU got ROPES and MACARONIS ,on lock ,Marley ! Ive seen ya bust em in person , Mad RESPECT for having THOSE moves in your trick sack , campeon . YOU , also Johann , having CARVING hang fives , ON LOCK …….ANOTHER trick that has haunted me since 2000 , hahaha……WOW , again …THIS is SUCH a good battle , like Brian Deegan VS. Travis Pastrana , or something like that, anyway……………..

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