Yohei Uchino wins the 2020 Chimera A Side!

The BIG news today, Yohei Uchino just win the Chimera A Side contest in Japan, in a tense final battle with Jean William Prevost. Ucchie takes the 90K home, absolutely killing it. Congratulations Ucchie!
The 2019 Flatmattersonline year end award winner, Kio Hayahawa let everyone know he has arrived on the contest scene beating Moto Sasaki in his semi final battle to take third place. If you are quick you might still catch the battles on York Uno’s story on Instagram, hopefully the battles get published on YouTube, epic contest!

3 thoughts on “Yohei Uchino wins the 2020 Chimera A Side!

  1. Really STOKED to see Ucchie back on TOP ! I was bummed he wasn’t present , just BUSTING OUT his signature flava of back wheel finesse @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam . Hes been a favorite of mine to watch compete ……..AND easily BREEEEEEEEZE into finals , haha……..I see hes not only been LEADING the NEXT generation of riders ……..hes ALSO been cookin up sum NEW dope links as well , TOP dude , TIMES 7………..

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