Classic Mondays: Alexis Desolneux / Flatsphere

It feels like a while since I dropped a “Classic Mondays”, and on Saturday when Alexis Desolneux dropped his Intrikat “Flatsphere” which was released in 2004, I knew it was time for another CM!
Alexis is infamous for his amazing video parts, and at a later date it might be worth doing a breaking down episode with one of his parts.
Chad Johnston made some of the best videos/DVD’s in flatland history, and combine that with riders of the calibre of Alexis, and your onto a classic! If you had to pick, what’s your favourite line in this part? I would have to go with the opposite hang 5 to halfpacker line that just keeps building and building at 2:13! Let’s discuss this one….

5 thoughts on “Classic Mondays: Alexis Desolneux / Flatsphere

  1. This is the defining image of what flatland should look like for me. Personal opinion of course. Absolutely heavy duty, smooth, and still hard hitting to this day. So much insane riding in Flatsphere. It’s also one of my fav flat vids of all time because of Pete’s and Alexis’ parts. Their parts alone created years upon years of work for me as I was totally compelled to learn some of the stuff I saw them do in this vid. Countless times I sat on my homie’s grandma’s couch, we ate grilled cheese and drank coffee, watched flatsphere on a vhs tape player, got pumped before our session, then proceeded to go shed. Priceless memories.

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