Episode 14: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Terry Adams

Welcome back, switching things up as the lockdown continues for the COVID 19 pandemic. Instead of once a week dropping exclusives, let’s change things up to two exclusives a week and help entertain riders across the globe!
Terry Adams has his own riding spot at home, and threw down this amazing line cutting down the dead time between switches with the best OUTRO yet.

Thanks to Terry for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip? Let’s keep this flowing….

6 thoughts on “Episode 14: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Terry Adams

  1. awesomeness! the switch from that steam at 1:36 is soooooooo buttery smooth and it being later into the link just shows the insane control.

    • Every switch is dope, I like the brakeless steam switch to hang 5, super nice! Terry always entertains,a nd when I first watched this. I was really hyped, job well done from TA!

  2. This is AGGRO , TIMES 7 ! I remember THAT last combo ….. Circle Of Balance 2007 . Terry battling Jumelin for 3rd . He had gelled every combo from being nervous , being that C.O.B. was such a MAJOR event , like the SUPER BOWL of flatland back then , haha…….he had one last shot / line to try , so………..Terry went FULL -STOP with his last combo . I KNOW you , Effraim remember THAT combo . I think you were judging that year………well…..to me that link was Terrys MOST slllllaaaammmmmed combo ever . THIS line is DEFINITELY @ that same level , and to be hit in his small garage sesh spot ……MENTAL !!!! Another contender for LINE OF THE YEAR , for this site . Also digging him just hammering the brakeless switch hand steam flip to crack packer WITHOUT hesitation ! Hes rolling the steam , ya see him flip his right hand on the bar , then BAM , flips the bar , he lands on those pegs so perfect @ 1.20 MINUTES ! That EXIT , him saying FLATMATTERS ……BEFORE his hiker LEEEEEEAAAP to rear pegs , talk about CONFIDENCE and just KNOWING you’ve got your stuff DIALED . This combo got me stoked my last sesh , its just so damn technical and SWWEEEEEEEETT . His side packer , switch hands , butter slip out / drop to hiker @ 1.14 MINUTES ……I ALWAYS love seeing him do that transition , also . REALLY dope that this link is mostly HIS stuff as well !!! AGREED with B.Z. and you Big-E ……..THIS line RULED !!

  3. Thing l realised years ago, about Terry’s, his combos aren’t just hard & original, but l haven’t seen anyone do em. That says a lot, right there, to me. Oh, l like the white front hub. Thanks Terry & E.

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