Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

For this weeks OSS, we go back to 1988 and a groundbreaking run from Aaron Dull at AFA Masters in Portland, Oregon. Aaron was a Golden Gate Park local in San Francisco who definitely contributed so much to flatland. The obvious highlight in this run is the backyard to backwards perverted decade at 00:59, I don’t think this has ever been since? Thanks BMX Flatland Junkies for posting these gems from the archives!

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

  1. Effraim,

    You should try to track down Aaron Dull and get an interview with him.
    Start an 80s School interview Column.
    You already have done some with the guy who invented the backyard, and Peter Brandt etc..
    It would be cool to see where life has taken the riders who disappeared.

    • @obscure – Yes that idea of kind like “where are they now?” is on my lost actually. I’m just doing so much with the site at the moment, it’ll be on the back burner for a while…

  2. A few months after this was filmed, Aaron was flown out to hang at a local Albes contest and he was dropping BOMBS. I want to say that he did, or was attempting dump-trucks, at the time which was WAY ahead of the curve (april/may 1988) for our neck of the woods here in Michigan.
    Aaron was certainly an innovator

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