Cory Fester: Create Don’t Imitate / Episode 3 Grizzly Jam

Joey Kyllo is doing great things over in Vancouver, Canada. And today I am really stoked to post this edit with Cory dropping some knowledge, over to Joey!

“For this episode we met up with Cory Fester in Edmonton, Alberta. Cory has been underground for a while now but is still riding and progressing. We talked with him about his creative process and the video part he has been filming for the last TEN years. There will be a follow up on the Hang 5 podcast to get into more detail, so check that out as well when it comes out.
I hope you enjoy this episode. One more planned that should be pretty awesome…”

19 thoughts on “Cory Fester: Create Don’t Imitate / Episode 3 Grizzly Jam

  1. THIS RIGHT HERE ! One of the most original , core riders still pushing creativity AND degree of difficulty within his riding . Watched this last night and was completely blown away not knowing that he took one of my all time idol /favorite rider’s ( Jason Brown , r.i.p. ) lines and morphed it to an even SICKER version ……..boomerang to BACKWARDS back packer in 2002 ! 2002 ! Still to this day I’m all about Cory’s Battle In The Rockies entry combo , 2014 ……in my opinion ,STILL one of the most difficult , original , hard core , HAMMER lines done in Flatland . I’m REALLY stoked on this and thank Joey for this , TIMES 7………it’s rad getting some insight of Cory’s mentality AND knowing that he’s still chipping away on what’s gonna be one MENTAL video part when he’s finished ! Like I already said……THIS RIGHT HERE ! I still remember Cory riding @ the Texas Flatland Round Up , September 1 2007 , in San Marcos Texas . ( Chris Balles’s event , a legend Texas rider ! ) Cory’s sh-t was so difficult in his prelim run ,not even having his best day………the judges STILL had to place in pretty high considering that what he did pull was harder than some competitor’s flawless runs ! ( not to mention he had ridden a Grey Hound bus from Canada to Texas , stayed @ Rob ” Tex ” Thayer’s casa , filmed for his ” Elusion ” video combo ……….and literally got to the contest with less than an hour to build his bike up , practice for 17 minutes …..then take his prelim run ! ) Mad respect to Cory and I can’t wait to post this after work today……………

  2. His backward steam flip / butter slip to side packer is too damn SLLLAAAAMMMED ,as his 360 flip to cross tea kettle ! The fact that he throw’s these in lines is astounding as they’re dope enough on their own ……they’re like best trick HAMMERS , I could watch him do them all day…….Fest is the freaking man ! So much hard sh-t ……….and yeah …….in a 2007 edit he flipped into half packers from single kick side yards ( inside circles ! ) back to back to back …… in brake to brakeless to brake ! He just casually laced that in the combo……….HAMMER TIME !

  3. I can’t remember what video l saw you in Corey, but you grabbed my attention. Originality’s long been what l strive for to, ever since l read R.L .Osborn say that in the 80s. Good to see your riding still. Thanks.

  4. Fuck yeah! Right on Cory, way to stick your guns as always. Stoked to know you’re still at it hard as ever. You’re a living Canadian legend and national treasure. Ride on brother. Looking forward to the new part you’re workin on. Thanks again to Joey for making these vids, and thanks to E for posting. Not on social media, so this site is my only connect with the flatland world. All content is always appreciated, especially from up north here! Shout outs from Canada’s butthole aka winnipeg! Ride on!

  5. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the comments! Rodney, you’re energy for flatland is insane, much respect to you.

    I am glad everyone is stoked on the edit. Lots of hard work goes into these edits so I really appreciate the feedback. As mentioned, one more to go this year which I am super excited for and I think everyone will be surprised… 😉

    You may be wondering why this is posted on the Grizzly Jam Youtube and Instagram when our contest got furloughed. 2022 is looking good depending on COVID, so we are trying to build a following to help with attract sponsors. Please give us a follow on either platform if you like the videos!

    Cheers Joey

  6. I just watched his 16 days section again after watching this. That section is timeless and nuts. He is definitely one of the best Canadian Flatlanders ever. Even if he never records another section.

  7. He’s totally one of a kind. He’s been a great friend for a long time but it’s always the same kind of excitement when I get to watch his new shit. Similar to putting on a new Intrikat, just that feeling where you know you’re going to see something new that he’s worked his ass off to develop. Big inspiration not only for his skill, and work ethic but completely unique to him is that he’s just out trying to fulfill his own vision and he’s willing to be patient to get that. I can’t think of anyone else who would film for a decade, most things have gone to social media and regularly posting progress – which is no doubt great in a lot of ways but I love that Cory is out there doing it in a more traditional way and taking his time to develop.

  8. It’s going to be a big day when this edit goes live on Flatmattersonline! Big fan of City and his work ethic, many great sessions riding with him in Long Beach. Top dude.

  9. This series is such a great idea. I’m watching with a lot of interest. Thanks Joey for putting these out. And Cory rips. I miss that dude.

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