Flat System 008: Olympics BMX, Flat Queens, IGI Backwoods Jam

It’s been a while since any updates, I have rushed off my feet with the success of Declan Brooks in the Olympics taking a bronze medal! Let’s get back to it, with Dub’s latest Flat System video which dropped last week. Dub discusses the Olympics, getting more female riders involved, Flat Queens, and the IGI Backwoods Jam. Love that Dub is doing this regularly! Tune in, good vibes right here!

One thought on “Flat System 008: Olympics BMX, Flat Queens, IGI Backwoods Jam

  1. Totally agree with the point he makes about how local governments will respect, and further recognize something if you associate it with an organization like the Olympics. Despite not being a contest guy myself for various reasons, I still want those who pursue that goal to have the opportunity to compete on a global platform. As time goes on I want to develop and push grass roots flat clinics for kids, and interactive demos where people can try it out and participate. York Uno being a huge influence. I want to bring flat to our native communities where theres insanely hard, an solid athletes. Ever watch a res hockey team completely destroy a city team? No contest. If even a small fraction of those kids got into riding flat and competing, we’d see a real movement here in North America and depending on circumstances even globally. Last episode Dub and guests made the point regarding jam and contest attendance of the youth, and how theres lots of older riders but not a proportionate amount of younger riders. As if our scene in North America is imploding. Seems like it currently is and will continue if nothing is done on that grassroots level. All food for thought. Peace.

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