Debate: To scuff or not, that is the question intro

Flatland always goes in cycles of progression, it’s the nature of the wheel. Some riders these day are not touching the tyre at all when they ride, and using their body and bike as momentum, on the flip side contest veterans still use the tyre as a matter of stability and speed, the common trick being the halfpacker scuff (aka the circle k).

I wondered is this technique of touching the tyre now considered a mistake at the highest level? Are you taking a break mid link and thus lessening the degree of difficulty? Is this a level everyone should strive for? Or is it just a personal thing?

I interviewed a broad range of pro riders and this is what they had to say.

Effraim Catlow

One thought on “Debate: To scuff or not, that is the question intro

  1. Ridings what you want it to be that’s what makes it individual i mean is a rider today considered better simply because he scuffs ? it’s a personal descision rolling,scuffing,switches,opposite,switch footed combo’s etc it’s all riding and it’s all variety i scuff i rarely roll why ? because i enjoy it but in a competitive world i would be marked down for scuffing as the difficulty factor comes into effect but all in all have fun thats the bottom line create your own path whatever it may be,ride on.

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