17 thoughts on “Departure – Taiko Kaneta

  1. Really heartfelt documentary! Great to see someone talk about flatland like that, the last two combos in particular were off the chart! Thank you Yukipko project for making this! The narrative and the riding worked so well! Stickied for good reason!

  2. Just wow! And not just riding, I wish more riders would reveal “human” aspect of riding. I miss Diversion series because Bobby has a talent for capturing flatland riders from that aspect.

    I think we should nominate this video to best of 2012.

  3. This was just awesome! Plain awesome!
    The vibe in this edit is amazing.
    I ve been to Japan many times and could totally feel it
    Thank you for the great job and thanks E for posting it

  4. riding is so smooth and sylish….

    about the narrative to be honest what he’s trying to explain to us is not very clear to me. I understand the part where he says that not all tricks are meant to fit together in a routine and he’s so right about that. then i totally did not understand the rest…

    great edit ! thanks so much for sharing this !

  5. maybe he is leaving the contest/pro world, and into a corporate world maybe.. coz he said it will be hard for him to ride contest due to work.. IMO maybe

  6. Awesome best back wheel rider in a while he would win pro ,he’s even better than Raph Chiquet now that comment would cause a stir 🙂

  7. I don’t think people understand this video, because the translation isn’t very good. The video is about Taiko leaving bmx. He’s actually going up to a monastery in the mountains for 3 years to be a bhuddist monk. That’s pretty heavy.

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