Effraim Catlow – Pro Rider Responsibility Documentary

Máté Hocopán works with me at the skatepark and wanted to base his final media project at University about the work I do at the skatepark working with kids, coaching, helping them with sponsorships, and also outside of it coaching flatland at a local community centre. One of my favourite terms “Pro rider responsibility” became the title for his project that takes a look at the grassroots work I do on a day to day basis, behind the scenes style!

15 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Pro Rider Responsibility Documentary

  1. I loved this, thanks for posting. Also appreciate what you do every day for the crew at the skatepark and for all of us. What a difference you make in many lives!

    • Thank you Todd, I know you do. I always appreciate the comments, good motivation. Helping the kids learn, and seeing progression no matter what it is, is really rewarding.

  2. Just when you think youre giving BACK to the sport …… alot . An edit like this drops , and we all get to see youre STILL giving BACK …..even MORE , times 7 , BIG E ! Man , I bet that dude was AMMMMMMPED ……..thinking he was about to get scolded………then he walks in……..to his FIRST sponsorship ! Good on ya , Effraim , really good , mate !

    • Thats right Rodney, never feels like enough hours in the day any more to be honest. Hard to update the site some days, but being busy is good. And its great to make a difference in the next generation coming forward.

  3. Well done documentary. It really highlights all that you do for BMX and action sports in general. Keep up the great work.

  4. A micro community within a larger community that rivals and perhaps surpasses the macro community in terms of shared values and support. I’d spend my time there if I could, too. Nice work Mr. E.

  5. Thank you Effraim Catlow when you say yes to Máté Hocopán question regarding his final media project at University. The impact is huge. The best part of it, no discrimination towards scooters.

    People should not got any problems with other people’s interest and we should respect each other.

    Positivity is all we need. This video is a big inspiration to many people out there.

    They all are really fortunate to got you for guidance.
    It’s one of the best skatepark in the world.
    I’m touched.

    May you granted prosperity and happiness.

  6. Wow that is awesome to see what you are doing for your bmx, skateboard, scooter community, you are amazing Effraim, I wish here in Hudson Wisconsin I had someone like you to teach me to get better at flat, my son is 10 and I have been teaching him as best as I can, I’m 48 and love flat and thank you for flatmatters, good job

    • Thanks a lot everyone for some many awesome comments. Keep getting out there Tom, all tricks can help you, thats what I tell kids here every session. Tricks always become useful somewhere in the puzzle of flatland.

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