EFise Top 3 Pro Flatland: Jean William Prevost / Yu Katagiri / Alex Jumelin

The Efise contest went off last weekend, with so many great entries. Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who threw down an incredible final run, followed by Japanese wizard Yu Katagiri and Flatland Lifer, Alex Jumelin taking the third place podium spot. Such a great contest! Well worth watching these back and appreciating everyones personal riding direction…

5 thoughts on “EFise Top 3 Pro Flatland: Jean William Prevost / Yu Katagiri / Alex Jumelin

  1. Seems like the online format is REALLY working quite well with contests these days ! Like M.O.C. , I guess giving riders alot of time to film their lines , @ their personal , private session spots where theyre most comfortable riding ….its producing some AMAZING links . I followed this F.I.S.E. event almost from the very beginning . Every day I was stunned , TIMES 7 ,watching every riders entry videos . Hell bruv , my wack ass even filmed my own entry video just to join the party , cause I got SUPER stoked after seeing Mickey Gaidos and Phakphum Poosa Art, aka… Toon , both of their entry videos !! hahaha….and had Robert Victoria cut , paste and edit it , Robert THREW DOWN , also …..but Him and I just could not upload my entry video to their site for the life of us, haha……anyway all the riders just friggin got down SO damn hard on their bikes ! To me ,the combos being pulled were like video edit combos . Those HAMMER lines that riders save for an EPIC edit , to drop online to surprise everyone ! Dont know how many riders saw Terry Adams Finals run , but let me tell ya………it was SLLLLLAAAAMMMMMED . Zero filler , B.S. , NO chaser , just all hard , signature stuff , @ his personal highest level of riding . It was his best line Ive EVER seen him do . After seeing it , watching it several times as I did with Yu , Dub , Alex , Toon , Lee , etc ……i figured he would be in the top 6 , even thought it coulda been a 5 way tie ……and they could have one last battle line each . Do or die style , hahahahaha…. Im beyond stoked on the riding that was BUSTED OUT for E-F.I.S.E. , and thank all the riders , judges , F.I.S.E. staff , all and EVERYONE ! It was one helluva BMX Flatland show . Now ….I got to go watch Terry Adams Final run …….AGAIN , along with Alberto Moya , Gonzalo Bellanti ……really EVERYONE , haha…..

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