7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays? with Chase Gouin and Kevin Jones

  1. Memories 🙂
    I know being somewhere in the background was my typical thing, but this one is especially funny – my hand filming at 1:55 haha.

    • Hey Colin it seems you were everywhere in the Golden years of flatland! Ha! Thank you for everything you have done for the sport. I watch all the time your videos and get motivation to go ride…

      • Cheers Giannis, I’m glad folk enjoyed any videos I did. Back then footage wasn’t so easy toc oem by, so if I was lazy to film i always regretted it pretty much as soon as I got home.
        The other funny thing is that I didn’t go to that many events, I just somehow fell into turning up at some milestone ones by accident 😉

        • Yeah Colin I enjoy your videos from the very first one I think a way to enlarge time it was, what an epic title you gave! The era was such a stepping stone for today’s flatland… Faris on the pink basic, Big E on his lagger, you sir with Souza killing it with crazy barflips and front backwheel style… What a great for myself also riding for hours every single day… I also get that regret filling any time I go session nowadays and not film that day it’s a waste type of filling just like you… You definetly were in the right moment on the right place that’s for sure… Worlds 2000 with Martti on his blue quamen is the ultimate example…..

  2. Haven’t see that footage before also… Great times in the town of the father of Flatland. In the beginning of the video Chase was riding with Ks bike… Possibly the very first time where big daddy frame was released… Even the announcer says that during Chases run. Funny thing last night I was checking older videos of Chase to get inspiration and wondering what is doing Now Chase… Is he still riding?? Last edit he was killing it on his black custom bike in March of 2016…Hope he’s fine and rolling a bit… If Chase reading this, let me know… From a Big fan,! Ha! Thanks E for this… Golden.

  3. First for me to seeing this. Even when l thought Chase looked a bit sketchy in junkyard position, he nails the link. I heard somewhere Chase rides now & again but that was awhile ago & who knows now. He & Mark, Kevin pretty much, from what l gather, had the start of the biggest bag of tricks before it kind of became more so.

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