Episode 1: Breaking Down Jean William Prevost’s No Man’s Land Part

I’ve been procrastinating over this idea for the last two years, and this Episode 1 of my Breakdown of Jean William Prevost’s Must Watch “No Man’s Land” part is intended to give a bit of insight into what goes on in my brain, when I decide what is a Must watch part on Flatmattersonline. Being on lockdown has certainly given me more time to get things done for the site…

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18 thoughts on “Episode 1: Breaking Down Jean William Prevost’s No Man’s Land Part

  1. There is an old saying here , across the pond in the U.S. , Big- E ……….youre preaching to the choir ! It means ……. THATS RIGHT , I HEAR and FULLY agree with what someone is saying AND feeling . I think , not sure …..that yall over in the U.K. , yall say ….THATS SPOT-ON , which would , I think mean the exact same thing ?! YEEEEESSSS ! This is be a SUPER sllllaaammmmmed down idea , TIMES 7 …..WHY ?! In my opinion …..Im a analyzer / studier of ALL things flatland , hell bruv , ALL of bmx in general ! Haha …that’s transcends into EVERY genre of MUSIC , BREAK DANCING , SKATE BOARDING , etc , etc ,etc ……anyway ….when Im watching flatland …..I , like you and another rider from here in San Antonio , a cat that was the FIRST to bring a KICK -FLIP variation to the TEXAS flatland scene , back in late 1999 , November , I think . His name is DOMINIC IMPALLERI . Really cool AND skilled rider . He been a judge @ multiple Flatland Voodoo Jams , because of his experience in the sport ……AND most definitely ….his TRAINED eye to DETAIL , throughout EVERY second of a riders combo . Ive known him , ridden bikes with him since October 1997 ! To THIS day we always text each other about …….you guessed it ….MUST WATCH edits , various other edits , and OF COURSE , so many details that are intricate , complex , and subtle in riders links ! Sorry for the rant , E !! Haha…..my point is that THIS would be a REALLY great section ! Dominic and myself are the type of cats that REALLY , REALLY ….look , take time and study every single switch , transition , pivot , bar flip , turbine , like EVERY single little MILLI-SECOND movement that is being done throughout all of this …….and if we MISS something ……I can speak for myself , anyway…..I ll watch it again and again and again , pushing play /pause / rewind / pause / rewind / play / pause……..hahaha , you get the picture , Effraim ! I literally HAVE to know AND understand , the ENTIRE combo of a rider , START to FINISH , no exceptions , hahaha. I competed and ALSO judged Expert class @ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam in New Orleans …….while Todd Carter , Jean William DUB Prevost , who were also judging , writing down their scores in numbers…….I was writing down every single riders links ……AS THEY WERE HAPPENING , haha , then …comparing them after the heats were over , haha….I held up the actual finals results by about 28 minutes ! All Scott and Terry could do was laugh , haha….THATS how crazy I am about DETAILS in flatland , Big-E ! Id love to hear / know just WHAT goes through your mind while watching a MUST WATCH edit , E . Dubs NO MAN LAND would be a PERFECT first choice for this article , TIMES 7……..also I love to know just WHAT makes ya select an edit for that MUST WATCH tag ! Cheer , Big- E ! I ll be looking forward to THIS !!

    • Hey Rodney, that’s pretty much what I just did. Although didn’t analyse every switch it’s otherwise the video would be too long. It would be great to get you on one of these episodes one day Rodney!

  2. Juuuuuuuuust now watced it , E !! SUPERB job , campeon !! Really DETAILED insight to Dubs lines , and the edit as a whole . STOKED ! For sure , Effraim , Id be down ….ummmmmm, I ll pick a MUST WATCH edit , let cha know , which one , then make a lil episode talking about it . Again , loving your insight to Dubs edit , mentioning him nailing coming out on the OPPOSITE side , rope stance , the session spots beauty , him tossing in the bar small Eaton -lash , outta the cyclone / pivot- rang ……. AND just how MUCH the edit is MOTIVATING and PROGRESSIVE ! RAD , job ! FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !!

  3. Hi, I like the idea! It emphasizes the depth of such hard combos that in some cases is not getting as much attention as it should. Go on please!

  4. Thumbs up! Yes, please do more of these…intelligent and thorough analysis is needed for flatland

    Thanks for doing it!

  5. Yes keep it up maybe even go back to the 80s and 90s. With a pause here and there for commentary on trick origins the bikes etc.
    Adding your voice to the actual video would be a plus also, but what you are doing works.
    Thanks for all the content

  6. Yeah, that totally deserved the added attention. That last combo is utterly mental. The fork-lift ped-escalator to inward pedal rope to shuvit straddle pedal time machine is straight absurd.

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