Episode 16: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Khaled Huerta

It’s time for episode 16 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, these episodes are coming thick and fast now. I hope these exclusives are keeping you motivated at home. Khaled Huerta, out of Saudi Arabia, stepped up for the 16th episode, Khaled is infamous for his long combos and he lives up to his name right here. I’m loving the fact, riders from all over the globe are contributing.

Thank you Khaled for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip?

4 thoughts on “Episode 16: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Khaled Huerta

  1. @ 1.23 , BEAUTIFUL switch , Khaled !! Youre just carrrrrrving a cross right fire haul roll , as the carve speed up even MORE ……ya switch your hands x-up style , twist the bars , pivoting on that right foot , AND the frame Dave dusters around ….all of this in ONE motion ! INSANE , campeon …….THEN you end up rolling , a seatless Karl for a milli-second , TURBINE , switching hands AGAIN , as your frame whips back the OTHER way , ending up in a switch hand steam !! What a HAMMER of an exclusive clip , TIMES 7 . The NO handed crack packer spin , the ENTIRE line was RAD , bruv . As Effraim stated ……youre KNOWN for your long , flowing , technical links……..and THIS one…….ANOTHER one for the books of yours ! Duuuuuude……….THIS line had me ammmped to sesh yesterday , your riding has that FAST new school flow , tech switches , bar flips , AND pivots GALORE !! I mean ………ya know that your riding is TOP notch……..when TERRY ADAMS is the FIRST to comment ! Like him……Ive been a fan of your riding since 2016 , and Im even just as much of a fan TODAY , Khaled . Youre PROOF that Mexico has ALWAYS had a thriving BMX scene , and produced tons of PROGRESSIVE riders . Salud , bruv ……..KEEP up that PEGUARY magic on your bike and KEEP shredding these long combos !

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