Episode 19: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Martin Drazil

It’s about that time, we are fast approaching the 20th episode of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. This has far out weighed my expectations, that began again whilst I was out in San Francisco in January riding with Pete Brandt.
Martin Drazil from Prague, stepped up for the 19th episode, dropping an awesome line that utilises great use of brakes and brakeless techniques.
Thanks Martin for contributing.

Who’s got the 20th exclusive? We shall see on Sunday, 5pm GMT!

10 thoughts on “Episode 19: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Martin Drazil

  1. Super nice and impressive! I think Martin is one of the best examples that brakes do not stop the flow! He is so smooth an stylish also when using the brake… Props!

  2. Its gonna be about impossible for me to vote for the BEST LINE OF 2020 , for this site with combos like THIS , that riders just keep unleashing weekly , haha ! Im loving it though , TIMES 7 !! Drazil , his combo INSTANTLY took my mind back to a MONUMENTAL bmx video that was ground breaking , AND way ahead of its time……the film 5 COMBOS , a Canadian bmx scene video that dropped MID 1998 , edited by LEGEND rider Jason Brown , r.i.p. , Dan Rigby , Nathan Penonzek , Jason ,himself , Martti Kuoppa , Cory Stratychuk ……they all laid down their HARDEST , MOST DIFFICULT links in the video , and maaaaaaaaaaan these combos were friggin MENTAL !! Id go as far to say @ around that time period …..these combo were WAAAAAAAAAY ahead of the bmx flatland game . Martin Drazil , THIS line……reminds me of that kinda combo for today in 2020 ! As Effraim said this cat THROW DOWN some SERIOUS techniques, using brakes AND brakeless switches / transitions , like his side packer -BODY varial , landing to turbine switch hand steam @ 54 SECONDS , EXCELLENT use of the brake ……even though he is just tapping it to friggin BODY varial !!!! THEN…….he taps it again , just SLLLAAAAAMMING a switch hand steam LEAP over the frame , landing to another side packer , turbining BEFORE the LEAP , @ 58 SECONDS ! Back TO back HAMMER transitions ! @ 1.02 MINUTES …he BUSTS a brakeless switch , just as Effraim stated …..from the side packer that he JUST landed , he then butter slips around the bars , while boomeranging , and meets the seat , catching to another switch hand steam , DIRECTLY after, @ 1.06 MINUTES …..ANOTHER lil brakeless switch ! Bars big Mc circle , stepping / switching to a cross left , inside fire haul roll , whipping that behind his back to another side packer !!! Loving THIS line ………..

  3. AND his turbine crack packer- 360 bar flip , landing all WRIST TWIST , @ 1.24 MIUNTES , to steam ……..I swear he has those so DIALED , love when he throws em in the mix , during his links , IMMEDIATLY following that ……..ANOTHER brakeless transitions @ 1.28 MINUTES , from that steam , a lil right cross SINGLE kick -K , to a cross left fire haul -inside roll ….to a SWEEEET X-LEG whiplash exit , which is AGGRO as hell …..considering the dude START with an X-LEG hiker juggle to steam to X-LEG whiplash @ the START of this BANGING combo !! Damn……talk about some back TO back TO back HAAAAARRD stuff in a link . Thanks Martin / Effraim !

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