Voodoo Pre Jam 2017

It may be three years old, but the Voodoo Pre Jam 2017 edit by Erik Otto that has just been published is well worth your attention. Featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Yu Katagiri, Alex Jumelin, Masato Ito, Yohei Uchino, Ahmed Johnson, Travis Collier, and more shredding at the Pre jam.

2 thoughts on “Voodoo Pre Jam 2017

  1. BEAUTIFUL , TOP-NOTCH , SLLLLAAAAAAMMED work , Erik !! Wow, man ………ya have no idea just how happy I am that you’ve been on a mission uploading all of your films online, this past couple weeks . You ALWAYS know just WHEN to film riders when theyre in their zones just hammering out their best combos , and when they are just feeling it , on their bikes , just freestyling with it . Ive BEEN hoping that anyone would of filmed /uploaded THIS pre-jam , 2017 -Flatland Voodoo Jam ! At exactly the time you were filming all this footage……..I was lost in the wards around this session spot , pedaling around in circles , haha…..all the wards around that area are like one big MAZE ! I finally made it to the SECOND pre-jam spot @ around 7.45ish p.m. , haha …..so I missed the first part of the jam , haha….EVERY rider in this edit , ya filmed em doing stuff ya don’t really get to see , since they have deep tricktionarys ! Loving this edit , really makes my morning before work , Jefe= OTTO !! Since 2005 MONOLITHIC PRODUCTIONS has been CREATING some of THE most RAD , HIGH QUALITY bmx films to date , I for one am SUPER stoked on THAT !! You ALWAYS one UP your own work , Erik !! SALUD , bruv……..and ya can bet ….I ll be all over your YouTube channel enjoying all your work !! Hope to see , sesh , hang out , laugh , chill witcha SOON @ a bmx jam , contest , event , homie ! AGAIN …….this edit is DOOOOOOOPE !! Thanks Effraim for sharing , also !! VIVA MONOLITHIC PRODUCTIONS !!

  2. Always good seeing you comment Rodney ^^^

    Great work on this edit Erik!!!! I even saw my own clip in there 😀 You put in a lot of time filming that day and it shows in getting clips from so many different riders.

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