Episode 26: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Thiago Baby

We continue on, making it to the Episode 26 without breaking much of a sweat at all on dropping exclusives twice a week. Thiago baby from Brazil came through with a super smooth back to wheel front wheel line for the 26th episode. Thanks to Thiago for contributing!!

The clips have however have now dried up, we may have a first dry spot this Sunday unless someone comes forward with a clip.

So let’s see what happens by Sunday. Can we make it to 30 episodes without missing a beat. Would be cool? If you have a clip or something in my mind for a clip, get in contact this is for every level of rider…

4 thoughts on “Episode 26: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Thiago Baby

  1. Back to back clips from Brazilian riders Romulo Guerra and Thiago baby, thank you guys! Just to let you all know, episode 27 is going down on Sunday! Can we make it to 30 without skipping an episode (would be rad!). Drop me a message if you feel like contributing?….

  2. Didn’t see that coming at all ! After the laid down back yard …….I was guessing , hmmm…… is he going to pop into a wheelchair , maybe ?! Stupid me , ha…..instead he butter slipped , climbing BACK over to a steam , then Dave dustered to Karl , bar flip throw exit ….dope line , Thiago !! Brazil always representing HARD in the bmx scene , TIMES 7 …….DOSES 10 , Adam Guild ?! Got your text , campeon……. Count me in , bruv ! You’ve been filming / uploading enough edits to create a DOSES 11 , 12 ,13 , 14……..all by YOURSELF , lately , on your channel , haha…….also digging that smooooooth , chill one handed , double footed , bar switching rocket , then switch to gerator , to start your link , Thiago …..again …..RAD line ya pulled here …….

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