Episode 31: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with William Herve


Last week we made it to episode 30 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive clips.
After a short break for episode 4 of Flat Snitches, it’s time to return to the clips, and William Herve from France stepped up for the 31st episode with an awesome brakeless backwards facing stem-a-rang.
This trick looks like scary one to learn, how do you begin to learn this one and get a feeling for the move? Props to William for getting this done and contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got episode 32, dropping Sunday 5pm GMT…..

One thought on “Episode 31: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with William Herve

  1. THIS has to be so damn dangerous and just asking to get broke off ! I mean ……hes on the STEM , facing BACKWARDS , and BRAKELESS ……in a boomerang !! Just as E , stated , this is the kind of move that seems like you really cant just try or learn it, kinda half ass stepping into it or trying it @ 50 % …….NOPE ! To actually attempt it , looks like you would REALLY have to commit and LOCK IN . Difficult …CHECK ! Original …..CHECK ! Aggro….CHECK ! Props to William , I sure as hell would NOT try this , haha…..this is one of the best exclusives that has been sent in to this site . Hope he drops another video clip similar to this line ! RESPECT , TIMES 7……………

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