Episode 36: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Effraim Catlow


Welcome back, it is that time of the week.
And this episode has been a long time coming as far as I am concerned, episode 36 features myself (Effraim Catlow).
This year has been a battle not only with the pandemic, and my riding spots being locked up, but also injuries. And being on lockdown helped me actually to recover, looking on the positive side and all that.
One of my old riding spots from the late 90’s is now my daily riding spot, right on the seafront here in sunny Southsea.
I am happy to start progressing again, after easing back into riding for a month or so, I’ve had two good months getting back riding five times a week when the weather allows.
Riding at the Canoe Lake basketball opened my eyes again to using a bigger space, and different ideas come to my head as a result.
If you follow my riding over the years, you know I am play around a lot with cowboy flips, and besides progressing at tricks. I have been working on my technique, trying to get smoother by watching how my body moves in the tricks. The less the better other than functional movements of course.
I recently learnt to dump into hitchhiker from a cowboy flip rather than carving into a half hiker after the flip, and once I got that…
I said to myself, flip out and that’ll be a FM exclusive. Here it is, back on the progression hunt.


Who’s got episode 37?

19 thoughts on “Episode 36: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Effraim Catlow

  1. Thats sick how you get a smooth forward transfer of energy from that cowboy flip combo into the hiker. My eyes and monitor aren’t the best pair for catching details. During the ride in to the cowboy, is your foot in a foot jam position behind the fork(closest to rider), or more of a vaderscuff infront of the fork? My brain wants to believe theres a vader nose wheelie type thing going on before the cowboy begins. Either way, its all dope. Thanks for everything E!

    • @BZ – It’s actually a bit of both, and very quick from the first stomp, then the second stump is vadar style like you said. It’s still a trick I suck at some days, and the next it feels great. I tried regular format on the phone but it cut my head off, so used wide angle to get myself in the shot (as I am trying this for the first time).
      This day it felt good and effortless. Appreciate the comment!

  2. STOKED to wake up to ……..THIS ! SLLLAAAAMMMED , Big -E , killer progression EXCLUSIVE clip from ya . Two things here……Ive always loved PEDAL cowboy squeaks . I once kind of half ass did one the easy way , continuous scuffing , just bar small , NO bar flip , hahaha…..NOT the HARD way ! SINGLE kicks WITH bar flips , like the way you’ve had them . Always loved that ! Hitchhikers ?! Where do I start ?! Just rolling the position WITHOUT going into a HOOLA HOOP / ZAMBONY twitch dance , is something that Ive wrestled with since December of 2000 , haha…….Both of these moves Ive always been a big fan of …..ESPECIALLY watching riders do amazing things with them , like THIS video clip . Bar flipping with SINGLE kicks , dumping DIRECTLY into a hitchhiker…..THEN pivot / flipping out ….SO dope ! A quick hit / line of technical hammering, that reminds me of a M.O.C. type of line as well as a SUPERB exclusive for this site . Its ORIGINAL , DIFFICULT , and a ZERO dead time or filler type of combo , Effraim . Have to say …..Im thrilled that you took number 36 by the reins , and not only delivered an excellent clip……..but ALSO pushed , progressed , and elevated your OWN riding , @ the same time as overcoming your injuries ! Enjoy your RE-upped session spot , KEEP documenting your new ideas that this spot will and has helped you brain storm ……….and AGAIN , thanks , TIMES 7 for all that you do for the culture , art form of bmx FLATLAND ! Cheers , E…………………

    • Thanks a lot Rodney, you are so quick to comment. Really appreciate the love. There are definitely many different levels of this trick, I’ve been through a lot of them. Sure there will be more to come. 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words. Stoked like I said to be progressing again, I am back to work now after three months off. Life is going from one extreme to another, felt like a pro again for three months.

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