Episode 44: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Satoshi Ojima


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 44 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive. It is a really good feeling when I get a FM exclusive that I wasn’t expecting, for me doing this it really feels like it’s working when this happens.
Satoshi Ojima stepped up for 44, Satoshi is from Osaka Japan and has been riding for 17 years. He drops a heavy line with two halfpacker pivot to opposite xft hikers in one line, what I liked about this the most was the feeling I got from watching it.
I thought about the struggle, and the push to document and push his riding, this is what these clips are all about.
Thank you Satoshi for contributing, I shall be keeping an eye out on him for sure.

Who’s got episode 45? Dropping Sunday….

3 thoughts on “Episode 44: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Satoshi Ojima

  1. His hang five , pivot a Cobain / Cobain roll , flap jack / turbine to steam -step through to side yard / packer …..and of course REPEATING the side / back packer , pivot to X-leg hiker……I love these sections in this BANGING link !! Well done , Satoshi !! ONLY 17 YEARS of riding your bike ???! THIS combo is like , for a 25-29 YEARS SEASONED type rider ! Hahaha……in my opinion youre WAAAAY ahead of your riding years , with the LEVEL of DIFFICULTY in this combo !! I CANT do 2 PERCENT of THIS line , hahaha………PROPS , Satoshi !! Post some MORE of your combos , bruv !!

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