Episode 52: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Tyler Gilliard


What’s up everyone? It’s been a busy week, juggling riding, work, judging e-fise and so on. But, we are back to it today! US flatland shredder, Tyler Gilliard came through with an amazing crackpacker whip line from episode 52 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives filmed at his workplace/dojo in Florida.
Tyler has such a fast style, great to watch, and delivers a banger for us all…

Thanks Tyler for contributing, who’s got episode 53?

10 thoughts on “Episode 52: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Tyler Gilliard

  1. Ive watched this line , like 9 TIMES ! SO much damn POWER / AUTHORITY on how Tyler boomerangs to crack packer , AND immediately WHIPS that frame , back into it !! Agreed with both Effraim and you ,Giannis ! IF I had THAT kind of skill level on a bike ……..I would copy this line too , Giannis ! Hahahaha……..I DONT though , not even CLOSE ! Hell bruv , I HOPPED a Cobain full bar to save it , mid-line the other day , haha. Im OLD school as hell on my bike , haha…….you , Giannis , Effraim and Tyler ……the 3 of yall are NEW school , so yall have at it , haha……I ll be over here SCUFFING like its 1987 , haha……..AGAIN ….BANGING combo for this exclusive from Tyler . Like I said before , been a huge fan of his riding since early 2006 ! Its been a real head trip seeing him come up to being one of THE top contenders of 2020 …..RESPECT , Tyler !

    • I have pulled the 2 parts of this line the crack boomerang to crack and the crack whip back to crack but never together… Such a cool line gave me that reminder to combine them both. Hope doesn’t mind Tyler? Hehe. My brother Rodney in flatland everything is allowed you can pull it firstly by scuffing and it will be awesome my man! Go for it!

  2. Thanks , for the wisdom , Giannis ! I ll try , campeon ! Already done BOTH parts of this ridiculously difficult line , already ??! Damn , you are TOO skilled , bruv …..Ive said it before ….its like Kevin Jones and Chase Gouin BUILT you , haha ….half human / BMX Flatland cyborg sent to learn EVERY / ANY trick , combo , and variations of em . ANOTHER new edit ??! THATS what I wanna / need to hear , TIMES 7 . I bet you pull this line AND , of course numerous other lines , freshly leaned ! Cant wait , man………..OVER 100 edits from you since 2014 ! Riders like you , Tyler , Kuga , Junpei Goto , Akio Katani , etc ,etc , etc ……even street riders like Charlie Crumlish , Nico Badet ……all you guys have such a dope twist on yalls take of BMX riding , it REALLY brings LOADS of good flavor to BMX as a whole ! Cheers , Mr. Caternellis !

    • My brother of course Kevin Jones and Chase Gouin build me literally… It’s so obvious and the best compliment can someone tell me… Thank you cabrone for understanding what is my mission in this world and giving me props for that. New edit is coming closer… Stay tuned hermano… It’s my comeback…

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