Episode 52: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Tyler Gilliard


What’s up everyone? It’s been a busy week, juggling riding, work, judging e-fise and so on. But, we are back to it today! US flatland shredder, Tyler Gilliard came through with an amazing crackpacker whip line from episode 52 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives filmed at his workplace/dojo in Florida.
Tyler has such a fast style, great to watch, and delivers a banger for us all…

Thanks Tyler for contributing, who’s got episode 53?

Chad Degroot – Saturdays DecoBMX

Chad Degroot breaks this one down: “The jams are getting more regular in Orlando. Lots of riders turning out to just chill, talk some shit, try some tricks, share stories, and ride with no pressure. Almost a flatland reunion with open arms for whoever wants to attend. These are getting more frequent since were all working out our schedules with work and kids so we have some free time to ride. Saturdays seem to be working out specially with a spot like this at a church. Never a problem and were keeping to ourselves just using the pavement for a quick session. Can’t go wrong with a super smooth, grippy, and long flowing parking lot with shade after 5pm.”