Episode 58: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Claude Hickman


What’s up everyone? Claude Hickman surprised me today with a fresh clip for episode 58 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. Keeping the momentum going as we approach 60 episodes!

This is Claude’s second FM exclusive, and this is episodes features another double darkside line, this time from hitch to rear wheel backpacker, I believe they call it a fudge packer in the states (correct me if I am wrong) to peg wheelie lard yard into ice cream darkside to halfpacker. Super smooth style from CH, this comes from years of riding, skills to pay the bills.
Claude on that note has just launched his own “Flatland” clothing brand, hit him up on instagram for the tees, sweatshirt, hoodies and all that good stuff.

Thanks Claude for contributing, whose got episode 59?

One thought on “Episode 58: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Claude Hickman

  1. Rad line , TIMES 7 ! Fudge packers are so damn difficult to hold …..to my wack ass anyway , haha ! Been messing with that trick off and on since November of 1994 . Skipping years between trying it , haha…..Loving that Claude nails two dark side slides into one smoooooth combo , both variations are technical and superb ! His clean , graceful riding style really is a thing of beauty to watch . Ive been a fan since his video section in the Oklahoma High Air BMX scene video from I think , mid 1995 ?? I was stoked when I first saw him kind of hit the scene again , couple years ago . Finally meeting him @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam was dope , indeed ! Hell bruv , instead of judging……..in my opinion …he should of been out on that contest floor ! Hes STILL whooping ass on that bike , and has PLENTY of links dialed to compete with the best of em . I do really appreciate his judging @ all these major event …..F.I.S.E. , Flatland Voodoo Jam , etc ,etc…..his judging is ON POINT and ALWAYS correct / spot on ! Its just riders like him , Travis Collier , Chad Degroot , Alexis Desoulneaux , and others ……they all STILL got ALOT to offer on their bikes as much as the other competitors in these contests , no b.s. ! Damn , bruv……Im doing 1998s greatest hits on my bike , haha……and I still like to get out there to enter contests , hahahaha. Anyway , Claude Hickman will always RULE on his bike , and Im ALSO stoked about his awesome work / contribution in the church that he mentors , teaches at , too . Hope to session bikes with him at a jam or another contest in the future . Salud on his new clothing brand ! I ll be checking that out ! If wearing one of his shirts can give me the ability to do the SWEEEEET pinky squeak switch , step behind / cross over , landing to a bars big elephant glide , that he was doing Saturday evening at the South Padre X-Trials contest , Spring Break in 1996 ……the second contest that I saw in riding in person with the rest of the old school BMX riders from Texas …….then I will happily buy 3 shirts of his , haha. Hes one of the MOST rad riders to come out of Oklahoma like Art Thomason , Andy Ross , etc ,etc . Great job on number 58 , campeon ! Like E stated………GLASS SMOOTH riding styles , from ya !

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