5 thoughts on “Erin Fricke 1st Place Women’ Class: AFA Dream Run 2020

  1. Very good run! It is interesting to see that it seems like Erin can basically win whatever contest she likes if she only enters… It would have been interesting if she would have entered the UCI competition. I think Aude Cassagne would also have very good chances! Is she still riding? I hope so!

  2. Her signature move @ 50 SECONDS , kicking the tire forward / behind her , during the turbined Karl cruiser ! I think she named it the Jersey Turn Pike ….I love that move , fast , stylish , and it flows so well , especially when she does it multiple times . My bruv , Oscar Garcia , O.G. flatlander who used to live and ride with D.M.C. in Kansas city , back when Dennis was still riding as much flatland as he was riding vert . Oscar attented the 2003 Metro Jam contest in Vancouver , and filmed the entire event . When Erin came out riding ,during the jam circle format and BUSTED OUT the Jersey Turn Pike …..THAT move REALLY stood out amongst the whole contest ! Shes always had a excellent bag of tricks , combos during her BMX career and has been a TOP contender in contests since the King Of New York BMX contests , waaaaaaay back in 1995 when she would do steam rollers in tight circles and switch to right cross elephant glides , MID-LINE ! Her PEDAL Karl cruiser is SUPER dope ,also ! Numerous contest wins , video parts , edits , magazine photos , and just about every accolade in BMX …..makes her LEGEND status among the women AND men BMXERS ! RESPECT , TIMES 7 for yet ANOTHER victory for DREAM RUN / A.F.A. !!

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