Episode 73: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jody Temple


One of my favourite riders, Jody Temple comes through with episode 73 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives. Jody like myself, has been battling back injuries over the past few years, so it’s super motivating to see Jody out there killing it!
JT comes through with a nice half hiker pivot to switch foot Karl 360 to steam and love the stylish hideout.

As always Jody’s riding really stands out, particularly in the current day. So fresh and clean, props to Jody for throwing down for 73! Thank you Jody!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 73: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jody Temple

  1. That flip/pivot from halfhiker to sw foot karl is silky smooth and easy on the eyes. Tech but made look simple. Thats sick stuff Jody. Way to keep us stoked!

  2. I was literally dreaming last night about just HOW Jody twitches / flip the bars 360 …..after the half hiker pivot -pull through to cross Karl ! Haha…..talk about me pressing play , rewind , pause MULTIPLE times last night , haha. Loving this , ALWAYS happy when Jody drops ANYTHING online ! Been a fan since his red Sabbath , Castillo bar days , lacing up cross ,spinning ONE handed time machines , and tomahawk , flap jack flips , outta wheelchairs …..mid line ! Had a really interesting chat walking around New Orleans @ the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam , with Mr. Temple ……it’s wild how strict he is with the difficulty ,quality with ANY line that he chooses to create , learn , then film and move on ! Such strict personal policies is EXACTLY why Jody’s riding is @ such a high level ! This cat has RE upped his game ,ridng wise so many years straight , it’s a head trip ……..and WITH back issues , also ?! Hell bruv , I’d be happy as hell to be able to do just ONE of Jody’s links from 1997 , on his Azreal frame , back when he used to scuff ! Hahaha ! I about lost my sh-t when Cicman was posting 1998 videos of Jody on Scuffington Post’s Instagram account , haha…..AGAIN, loving this line ! I personally would love to see Jody knock down 5 MORE Exclusive lines !

  3. I absolutely love watching Jody ride so I was very stoked to see this! I have rewatched his parts in Flatcrap and Video Name soooo many times, such awesome riding/style.

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