Flat Snitches: Episode 4 / 360 Bike flip with Steve Mulder

Intro: Effraim.
Interview: Effraim, Pete Brandt.
Photo/Video credits: Steve Mulder, Chris Rye, Mark Eaton, Rob Dolecki.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since Episode 3 of Flat Snitches with Tim Treacy discussing the Backyard, so it’s time to get back to it, and take a little break from the regular FM exclusive clips (we return to the exclusive clips on Wednesday)…
Myself and Pete Brandt have been talking about switching over to video for Flat Snitches to document, and show visuals of the trick creations and provide some historical context also. Editors note: Steve is camera shy, so enjoy the video and the written interview…

For episode 4, we go back to the 90’s.
And a 360 bike flip move that begins in a peg wheelie, throw the bike 360 degrees and land in a switch-b, aka switch foot caboose! It’s time to show its creator, Steve Mulder some much deserved respect!

The concept of the bike flip has become trendy as of the last few years, but the 360 version has not. Myself and Pete discuss a few heads that have stepped into the arena, but as we delved a bit deeper, it came to our attention the straight line version is untouched. Mad respect to Steve for this timeless creation!

We catch up with the man himself to discuss this amazing move, and dig into some of the background information on it. Enjoy the episode and interview, it’s time to learn more about this amazing creation and give props to one of the best riders to ever do this artform we call flatland….

Hey Steve, thanks for agreeing to do this Flat Snitches episode…. When and where did you come up with the 360 bike flip Steve?
I had the idea of doing some kind of bike flip by wanting to create something that mimicked a kick flip on a skateboard. I saw Dylan Worsley doing these 180 bike flips with his hand on the fork, on the Baco 6 video. That gave me the idea of a possible 360 with my hand on the bike. I went down to the basement at the time and started trying to see if I could get a 360 to work with my hand. Seemed like it could work and eventually I pulled the head tube version in 94 or 95 to cross foot scuff.

Did you see anyone do the 180 flip first?
Obviously Dylan Worsley and I’m pretty sure I saw Edgar do his 180 foot pivot bike flip first from the Wheelies Dorkin video, but not certain.

Did you go right to the 360, or learn the 180 first?
I pulled some 180’s head tube to get a feel for it. But the no hand 360 flip I went straight to it since I was already doing the 360 hand on head tube version for sometime.

How long did it take you to learn?
The pull came fairly quick considering, but I had been doing the holding the head tube version for some years prior and had the feel for the flip and landing. It took a lot time to get it dialed.

Indy represent, Steve chilling with the man behind the whopper, Bill Nitschke…

When did you first drop the 360 bike flip in a contest?
The first no handed 360 bike flip was dropped in my run during the 1999 X-Games (in San Francisco). Editors note: See the video footage above…

What variations on the 360 have you done?
Bars 180 and regular, Straight from pedals (front brake required to keep bars from moving), Forward rope version bars forward, 360 to caboose style scuff and full peg to peg to straight ride out.

First time it was featured on video?
I think the 99 X-Games recap in Props video magazine.

When was the last time you did one?
The last one I recorded on video was on my 46th birthday which was in 2017. I’d say I’ve done a handful between then and now. I’ve been mostly out of the game for the last few years, riding very little. I feel I could get one done within 20 or so tries.

The bike flip seems the latest trend, any versions of the bike flip you’re psyched on?
I always dig bike flips, cool to see people going that direction.

Do you have any ideas you are going to add to the flip?
I had some ideas for short combos and slight variations I’ve tried that I’ll probably never get to. I was working on full 360 to land cross glide for a bit and gaining ground but never went back to it.

Do you have it recorded the first time you pulled it?
No, I’ve always been really bad at recording stuff, so much stuff I’ve never recorded. In fact the first time it was recorded at all was the 99 X-games.

Do you get stoked when you see others do it?
I’ve never seen it done.

Is there an exact name for it or do you go by 360 bike flip?
The head tube version was called the hand job so it became a no handed hand job, it eventually just became no hand 360 bike flip.

Thanks for your time Steve, it has been awesome catching up. We hope you all enjoyed the video episode + interview with Steve Mulder. It is insane in my eyes that this trick has stayed untouched 21 years since he first dropped it at the X Games 99. Mad respect for Steve, one of the flatland greats in my opinion.

14 thoughts on “Flat Snitches: Episode 4 / 360 Bike flip with Steve Mulder

  1. in my first years of riding ,saw the no handed hand job in a Puma add in an old Ride.Bmx.mag,couldnt comprehend the significance of the image or name of trick at that time ahaah..

  2. This is one of the most difficult tricks ever been done. Steve has done all those versions and he opened the door for the modern flatland bike flips. I know more riders were pulling flips but the 360 version is sick. I was/am trying the 360 version peg to peg and have land once peg/tire years ago but you must be young to pull the 360 version or very very experienced. I was trying the 360 flip in 2017 at the bike days and getting props from uchie,later this year he pulled it but still not as clean as Steve does it and this can show us the difficulty of the trick. The reason i am not trying it daily is because this trick is very dangerous, i have injured seriously from the bars my wrists and all fingers(almost broke two)from the left hand and i was out for 1 month from the peg hitting my calf and and ankle. My calf went so stiff twice and with a big bruize that i couldnt stretch it or walk normal for days. It was even hit my ribs once. The 180 version is a piece of cake in front of the 360z Anyway Steve was pulling this 20 years ago with a 16-18 kg Bike and this makes it almost impossible… Big respect to Steve again and Big thanks to E and PB for the flat snitches ps: i hope i ll see a youngster pulling it clean peg to peg in the next year so we elevate the level…

  3. Mulder’s “super rope” is equally bonkers… in fact, most of the stuff he does are tricks that no one else will touch… #legend

  4. Mad RESPECT ! I still remember the first time seeing it on VIDEO , couldn’t believe it……more like a STUNT than a flatland move , haha . A lot of danger / hurt if ya miss , as Mulder stated . He could attend a contest in 2030 ………..and still be guaranteed to make FINALS with this move ! Loved the D.J. mix , video chat , and hearing Steve re-cap the experience with his signature STILL mind blowing STUNT = 360 BIKE FLIP !

  5. More so than all the crazy tricks, what I’m most impressed with is how Mulder kept himself in really good shape and how many years he could keep doing banger tricks. Very inspiring.

  6. I’m not hearing anything about how he did this trick on a sabbath. not the revamped light version that came out in like 99-2000 but an OG sabbath that probably weighed like 8-9 lbs. It’s hard enough to pick up a modern bike around 20-25 lbs and throw it a full 360 but to do it with a bike that’s like…30+lbs easy is just something else.

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