Flatark Finals: Top 8

Wow this edit took me back to those Japanese KOG edits that would feature the top 8 all dropping bangers. You don’t want to miss this, incredible riding from Ryo Katagiri, Fumiya Kanna, Hiroya Morizaki, Yu Shoji, Moto Sasaki, Yu Katagiri, Takato Moriya, and winner Naoto Tamaru! The level is insane!!!

8 thoughts on “Flatark Finals: Top 8

      • TIMES 7 , Effraim . This has been on repeat , and a MUST WATCH in my opinion……the level is insane . I’m noticing every detail . Yu’s 180 bike AND body varial / turbine , landing to a fudge packer ( doesn’t matter if he pulled it to me . I would of marked him high in score for that move .) His x-leg jack hammer multiple turbines , pivot to half packer . Naoto’s cross rocket turbine , bike flip , landing to cross pedal ice cream . With another turbine , rolling inside circle and pulling it up to a rope . ( that has to feel so crazy pulling it up like that on the pedal . ) Then bike flipping again to a rope spin . His Saturn spin , Bull Winkle yank to cross outside pedal ice cream spin . ( the weight against him. ) Steps across to a cross pumping ice cream ………ends the line with that wild cross rope bike leap -shuv-it move . ( bonkers. ) Takato’s cross pedal rope carved like crazy to save / turbine it to pivot , drop down to cross rocket . His bike flip catch to cross rocket , and that crazy cross pedal rope drop down , bar twitch to lard roll . ( so much control and precision . ) This edit is so progressive and as you stated Effraim ……@ an amazing level for sure ! I’m also certain all these things I caught were N.B.D.s as well …..Viki was spot on ,talking the level of Japan’s riders back in 2019. This edit , and it’s a contest edit proves just that. Can you imagine the stuff that these cats try and work on during casual sessions ? THIS is their DIALED stuff for CONTESTS…….again , you’ve killed it again with carefully selecting content for the site , Big-E . Shout to Yuya ( another great Japanese rider . ) for capturing this footage ,also…..I’ve watched this edit 5 times and I’m still catching quick , important detail within every rider’s lines………..

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