Flatfighters 4

Mizo just sent me a link to this vid, rad footage from flatfighters 4 in prague, dominink and waldemar are busting!!

flatfighters 4 from mizo on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Flatfighters 4

  1. Like the xft juggler pivot to left hand halfpacker then out opposite xft hitch, I wonder if the xft juggler is his opposite. Waldemar is awesome to watch, bouncy style. Looked like a good contest…

  2. i dicided to tape only the battles and missed alot good sessions on the practice time and first runs, especialy from Mike s. and some czech riders. but was ok hope you guys like it!

  3. I didnt realise you were going over there mizo, the czech scene is one the best in europe i think, so many good riders, they all called it in the masters group at the bmx masters last year.

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