Francois Debroux launches Hang 5 Podcast

Francois Debroux, Lifelong BMX rider originally from Brussels, Belgium and now living in Vancouver, BC started the Hang 5 Podcast a year ago and had this to say:

“The original concept was to interview French and Belgian (because of my background) older riders/shop owners/promoters/media and industry heads, etc.
The podcast is in French and I cover all aspects of BMX: Racing, ramp riding, street, park and of course flatland.
While it all started with trying to preserve the history through interviews and stories from the pioneers in the french speaking countries, I don’t want to limit myself to just the old school or french riders. All eras of BMX are great.
I just released episode 16th with Raphael Chiquet.
Future plans include starting to interview members of the wider European scene in English this time.
The podcast is available at but also on Spotify, Deezer, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and others.
There is an instagram account that host little known photos from the interviewees: @hang5podcast
If you know someone who you think should be on the show get in touch:
Francois, @fan_in_van – FB: Fan Debroux”

6 thoughts on “Francois Debroux launches Hang 5 Podcast

  1. Hello,
    really nice to hear some my star when i was too young -> david chabert and so on ..

    Great great great

    thanks for sharing

  2. I was a part of flatland on Day 1 up here in Canada. I entered the very first flatland contest in Canada in Whistler and many more after that. I was also at the filming of Rad. If you want any history info let me know. Thanks.

    • Hey Fred,
      Thanks for the comment. Totally keen to have a chat. Get in touch as I don’t have your info.

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