5 thoughts on “George Manos: Dragonrise

  1. Ok……first of all ….a MUST WATCH in my opinion…. purely because these are some insane pegless / brakeless positions being ” floated ” with precision. These are all HIS N.B.D.s , also. Just when I was wondering where George would venture to in his riding……he answers my thought with VIDEO. Love the riding , the vibe , long Metal -style hair flailing……and the music….oh , the music . When the Black Metal vocals , tremelo riffing and the blast beats kicked in as George is shredding……for the first time in a while I stood up out of my chair ….hyped ,watching the rest of the edit. George’s edits are some ,if not the closet BMX edits ,along with Matthieu’s edits………. that resemble the work , editing , music , feel , and core BMX vibe to one of my personal all time favorite BMX producers…..Ellsworth ” Ells Bells ” Watson ..this new edit stokes me and I’m looking forward to more from Mr. Manos . ( I still watch his older edits from years ago because they’re timeless , TIMES 7…..

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