Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 25 with Jamie Mcintosh

Episode 25 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with Canadian flatland powerhouse, Jamie Mcintosh. One of the few riders on the global flatland scene that had quad decades pretty dialled, and so much more. Listening to this podcast now, and you should be too!


9 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 25 with Jamie Mcintosh

  1. This stokes me. Jason Brown’s # 1 BMX amigo . Jaime , like Jason is beyond legend . He’s pushed , progressed the sport since the late 80’s . Recently watching Trend bike source’s classic BMX video , clowns full of hate , circa 1990 . I almost forgot that Jaime was SLLLAMMMING DOWN cross , kick-less fire haul turbines ……folks , EVERYONE is still doing that particular move today in 2022. Think about it……quadruple decades , brakeless side yard , slipped to inside circle ,right cross-k , coat hanger in links , G-nu twitches , also brakeless , undertakers at will in links …..this cats has done so much in Flatland for so long . Really never easing up just because he was out of the ” spotlight ” for a while . Humble , chill individual ,also. Thank you , Hang Five podcast , Effraim for the scoop and Jaime for taking the time to do this. I KNOW this is going to be a good one……One of the first generation leaders of the Canadian BMX Flatland scene ……respect.

    • Thanks Rodney! It means a lot coming from you. You are an encyclopedia of flatland and amaze me with the amount you know. Like I’ve said before, hopefully we get to ride together one day.

  2. So cool he mentions that BS contest. I think it was 94. There is a Scott Powell interview on Banter where he mentions how Chase moved to Chenga to ride with Dave Schaeffer because he was on the road to doing really hard switches. I remember that BS contest and Jamie, Dave, Richi Rich from Austria (who is Richi Rich? I just remember him from this contest) and Lionel Cardosi being on this really hard switch road. I always think of Jamie McIntosh as being one of the super tech switch guys.

    Also when they talk about flashy riding being about spinning, I think Jason Brown and Steve Roy were some of the most spectacular flatlanders riders ever and they didn´t spin. So many cool hops and footwork.

    Rad interview!

  3. Another great one! I haven’t heard from Jamie in years so it was really nice to hear more of his story. I resonate with what he said about the validation that came from hearing Chase ask about him, I have a similar memory with Kevin and I remember how edifying that was. Jamie, if you ever make it to Toronto, we have a solid group of riders who still session on the daily and would love to ride with you so, open invite to come ride any time!

  4. Another banger interview! Francois, you’re on fire!! Keep em’ coming. I’m also stoked to hear you’ve helped out my brother Billy get set up to ride flat again. Huge props for supporting OG Canadian flatlanders and doing all these rad interviews. Thanks for all the work you do on these. It’s all much enjoyed and appreciated.

  5. What a great listen. Jamie is such an amazing guy. I remember when he’d show up to the lot. Most of us would just sit back and watch. I would always be amazed with how fast he would ride and the authority he had with his tricks. Loved talking about music and his cd recommendations. Really enjoyed this interview.

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