Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #113

There’s a good reason many of you voted for Giannis Caternellis as “Breakthrough Rider of the Year” in the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year end awards. Giannis is one of the most skilled riders out there, and is constantly experimenting with new moves and styles. Anything goes for Giannis, and it’s always refreshing to watch!

From the opening no handed whiplash, episode #113 in the Freestyler series is a treat.

20 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #113

    • Mates my man! These comments coming from you is a huge honor…. Knowing that riders of your class enjoy my videos is a pure motivation… I can’t stop watching again and again your last edit… Mr. Vain baby! Let’s go for new tricks…..

    • Thank you very much Sean for your love and for your attention, nonstop! I noticed from your past comments that you like no handed whiplashes…. Me too! All these N.B.D tricks I worked really hard to capture that moment and I share these moments with all of you from the deep of my flatland heart….

  1. Cheers Big E for your love! Your kind words make me smile! Only the fact that I was nominated as a breakthrough rider between the mega monsters is a win… Austin, kio, Ryo…. Wow!

  2. 2:34!!!?!?! One footed cross foot backpacker. Really?!?! What a concept to bring to life. Your truckload of tricks keeps getting heavier. You’re going to need a bigger truck! You the man G! Epic skills.

    • Haha thank you sooo much BZ for your comment! Yeah since I came back to action I try to bring into life tricks that noone ever made… Or at least I’ve never heard and I haven’t watched on a video. That one footed cross foot backpacker I pulled it while I was fooling around after a long day of riding on my day off from work… I hold the peg instead of the back wheel and I rolled across the spot all the way… To pull it in and out on a combo it makes sense to hold the wheel as I felt more comfortable that way… I have a lot of ideas with that move for the future. What about asking Kevin Jones to send me from Pennsylvania one of his trucks?? Death truck, dump truck…. You got it?? Ahaha hah! Nice new edit on your YouTube BZ I noticed…. Cool indoor spot!!

      • What?!?! You saw that tiny clip of the x foot mega spin stuff? Im really close to getting a Raph Chiquette style stubbleduck on the end of that little combo and then stacking a 2nd small combo onto that block of tricks. Its all about getting the building blocks of tricks to then stack as you want. Its an honor to know a rider of your caliber took the time to watch my basic riding. I dont think anything im doing is worth sending to E just yet.

        • Yeah man I saw a link in the comments section and I watched those 2 edits on your YouTube… Impressive riding BZ, like your style sir! You know…. I watch everything when it comes to flatland, I am something like Big Brother….haha!…i get inspiration from anything new I watch…. Especially when I see older rider than me to shred at 50 or more.. Makes me feel that flatland is infinite… Take a look at Pete Brandt, James McGraw, Marton…. Rick Allison is 57 and still rides…. Martin Aparijo, Eddie Fiola, Scott Hagnas….. And something tells me that Kevin Jones is also riding quite often…. Thank you my friend for your attention and don’t forget…. Big Brother is watching you…… Ahaha!!

  3. Pete Brandt and OG Marton are some of my heros, and I say this as a man whos nearly 35 years old. I totally agree that those guys are showin the world how to do it right, and we should all take notes. Its going to take me till I’m 50 to make up for all the years of riding lost in my 20s being wasted partying. Knowing you’re watching is that much more motivation. Its around -30 degrees celsius here today, the spot I ride will be about -5 to -10 and in my mind I’ll be riding one of those warm flat spots over in Greece.

    • Haha yeah I also lost some of my 20s partying! But you know… Life is not only flatland…. But on the other hand, you have to experience and other aspects of life to finally respect flatland and how important is to us as riders… My last injuries made that clear to me. Flatland is a gift from the universe… That’s the answer on Chases question in Dorkin, what’s purpose in universe? Haha! And speaking about nature and degrees, I don’t want to make you jealous or anything but… the last couple of days I’ve been riding shirtless in the morning when I session!! Topless! Haha! We have a small summer in the middle of the winter here in Athens!!

  4. This was awesome as usual, and so many great new ideas. I can see there will be a lot you’ll do with these ideas. I’m stoked to go get a session now, and longing for warmer, drier weather over here!!

    • Thank you so much buddy and glad you enjoyed that made you pumped to go ride! After all, that’s the goal of the Freestyler series…. Yeah lots of these concepts can be pushed and bring more new tricks like… No handed one foot x leg backpacker…. I’m so focused on the game lately and guys like you Scott appreciate that… Can’t ask for more my man!! Cheers Scott for everything and have a nice session…. Hope you have some of Greek weather too! Haha!

  5. Been studying this edit for weeks ! The BMX King of Greece has done it …….AGAIN !! These variations are ALL N.B.D.s and have seriously progressed the sport , and opened it’s third eye as to what’s possible . This is complete madness and the balance points in these variations just look / seem IMPOSSIBLE ! I mean , really X-leg rolling is hard ENOUGH………..and now for 2021, Giannis CREATES / BRINGS a whole new , progressive movement to Flatland , doing these ONE footed ??! HOW , just HOW in the hell do you even keep the bars / forks…….STABLE ,if you’re freaking ONE footed AND X-legged ??!! TOTAL savagery on a bike . WHO else is even touching THIS kind of stuff ??! I ‘ll tell ya this …….THIS is the kind of creative , CRAZY difficult and original riding that IS BMX Flatland being SLLLAAAMMMED DOWN at it’s MOST core . ZERO B.S. , TIMES 7 . When he flipped that damn bike upside down……I thought ” NO WAY is he gonna …..” be damned ………ONE legged hitchhiker SANS a damn PEG !! THAT move alone hasn’t really even been touched since Kuoppa , Okamura !! NO handed whiplash …..just because he can , hahahaha !! A cross scuffing back packer…….to a X-leg / ONE footed back packer !! Even turbines it just to put salt in Flatland’s wounds / put a cherry on top , haha……..using his hoodie to roll NO handed , ALREADY rolling ONE footed / X-legged , AGGRO as hell !! FREESTYLE , ZERO rules / order !! Jumping to X-leg position , MID-LINE ! ONE legged BACKWARDS back packers …….just WAAAAAY too much progressive DREAM LEVEL tricks and lines ! I voted for ya , campeon for the BREAK THROUGH rider of 2020 ……THIS edit and your entire year / years of innovation made my vote a VERY easy / no brainer choice ……and to think ……Giannis was OFF his bike more than HALF the year ……….TOP 10 ELITE rider in the history of the sport if ya ask me………..this edit SCREAMS that………

    • Hola campeon! Gracias MI amigo for your love…. Indeed, just because I had more than half a year to ride, I came back more hungry and more determined to create these N.B.D.s you watched here… I remember back in the day when I was competing, the day before the contest I didn’t ride at all in order to be that hungry and have that energy to be more affective in my run… And this method more of the time it worked!! Ha! Something like that happened also this time it seems…. Last couple of months I am more focused on the one footed game including no handed in the mix…. One footed no handed hitch I have it as a warm up trick nowadays as it is the first trick I pull after my stretch routine…. I pull that and I know I’m ready to move on for my session…. I have done it backwards also this weekend which is 10 times harder that forwards…. The x leg one footed backpacker was a surprise for me as I rolled it while I was goofing around after a long session day….Also I pulled it no handed lately. Stoked that you noticed the pegless one footed hitch at the end with the flatmatters shoot out for good measure! Hehe! Flatmatters exclusive you can say…. Already pulled that no handed lately… Oops! I’m reviewing my next edit! Hahaha!……. Hermano the freestyler series has gone up a notch thanks on those NBD tricks and I am quite satisfied with the result…. I will stick on that mode for as long as I can to bring you more new tricks and expand my knowledge in flatland cause I’m addicted to that…. There are a lot of holy grail moves to learn….. Infinity….. Infinite pieces is a great example jeffe….. How about that???

  6. I’m SO ready for any new video of Giannis ! ( hint , hint ….Mr. Caternellis . ) Just WHAT have you been experimenting , creating on your bike ??!! THE BMX King of Greece rules , TIMES 7…..

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