Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 26 / Travis Collier

Episode 26 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with Travis Collier, over to Francois Debroux and TC!

“For this episode, we travel to New York state where Vancouver native Travis Collier is now residing. Growing up in the Vancouver Flatland scene of the late 90’s, Travis went to make a big impact on the flatland world with his unique style. One of the, if not the first one to use the pumping technique during combos. A very creative mind, he also designed some flatland products still in use today. After a successful pro career, he went on to found a design agency. That eventually led him to relocate to New York and work with some famous liquor brands.
Here is his story.”


2 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 26 / Travis Collier

  1. Flatland Voodoo Jam 2019 , the pre-jam……I’m riding ,in a long combo . Mid-line I hear someone says ” Hey Rodney , the other riders said that was your pump over there in that bag . Can I please use it ? ” I look up in a steam roller and it’s Travis . I was stoked because this was the second Flatland Voodoo Jam I had seen him at ,but never actually met him. I rode out of my combo at that second , haha….rode over to my bag , got the pump out and let him use it . We chatted for a lil bit then I chilled , watched him session , hitting some rad lines first try ! I told him he should be COMPETING in the contest , as he had fresh new tricks , lines . He was requested to judge ,but damn ….he could have EASILY made finals judging from the first two things he fired out after using my pump . Cool and very skilled rider ….one of if not the first to do reach over full bar flips to steam , via side packer…..THANK YOU , Hang Five podcast ! Another dope conversation with one of Flatland’s greats……

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