5 thoughts on “Never Off The Battle

  1. So many hard tricks in this edit! Really enjoyed this! Especially Yu Katagire is a beast! Matthias always surprises me with some new details and different ways of linking tricks. Yu Shoji has got such a fast and unique style, so awesome… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very grateful that Varo V-logged this event . I knew it was going to be a banger , packed with some of the most progressive riding . Damn was I right …..Yu is like the Ryan Williams of Flatland , ha. He’s pulling straight hammers that you’d think he’d film , pull ONCE out of 500 tries. He’s LINKING these moves in CONTESTS. 360 bike flip , cross ice cream bike flip to PEDAL rope spin , inside circle floating , no footed junk rolls , etc ,etc. Hiroya is getting even faster and even more powerful with all of his signature lines , tricks . Shuji , x-leg jack hammers and that crazy double boomerang five , Dolan-ish exit that he just THROWS DOWN. Varo held his own with his excellent flow ,lines that are technical ( Cobain roll flip to half packer . ) and hard . I’m REALLY stoked on this entire edit . Matthias with his signature freestyle flow under pressure . ( love that . ) Tekashi 69 watching finals , performing AND giving respect to Yu’s riding ……hell yeah. His song Fe Fe , with Nikki Manaj is a perfect session jam tune. ……yeah everyone ripped so hard in this contest . Riders , judges , Catfish , everyone made this one of the most core , exciting Flatland events …..MUST WATCH edit in my opinion , thank you , Effraim for posting this.

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