Must Watch: Lee Musselwhite / BANE

I can’t remember the last time we had a Must Watch edit that dropped exclusively on the site. Lee Musselwhite comes through with this short and banging new BANE edit, with series of NBD’s that you want to be watching on repeat. This is a treat, thanks Lee for sharing!

12 thoughts on “Must Watch: Lee Musselwhite / BANE

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Always love watching what one of the masters is up to. He keeps refining his own tricks to new levels. How many others are doing tricks Lee invented? I’d imagine between few and none. So rad to see. Rewind and rewatch this part of the tape for sure!

  2. Rolling this position backwards…..insane. Then to turbine it to a quick pivot ,all the way around to a rope spin to undertaker …. so progressive and difficult .Lee constantly creates rolling positions that are his and just mental. I’m really stoked watching this over and over. Lee rules . Loving the Bane clip , quote , too…….dropping these N.B.D.s at this moment…it’s like Lee is Bane and Flatland is Batman , haha…MUST WATCH , indeed.

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