Must Watch! Hotoke wins KOG Finals in Yokohama!

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A few hours ago Hotoke won the KOG Finals in Yokohama dropping an absolutely mindblowing combo on his last trick on the above video, big ups to Ucchie and Moto also throwing down! Bummed I missed this live on the net. Merry Xmas eve everyone, what a treat!

KOG Finals
Yoshiki Uchino
Yohei Uchino
Moto Sasaki

23 thoughts on “Must Watch! Hotoke wins KOG Finals in Yokohama!

    • So much I love about this, the hospital beats, Moto’s long combo half way through, Ucchie’s death truck combo, and Hotoke throwing down one of the hardest links in a contest! Amazing vibes! What a great way to end the year, 2012 has been amazing for flatland!

  1. Congrats to all the riders. Sick level of riding. Based on this video though, I have to wonder why Ucchie didn’t win. He pulled 3 insanely hard combos, while Hotoke only pulled one.

    Maybe he is starting to suffer from what I call “Ryan Nyquist Syndrome,” where the judges get used to seeing you win and judge you harder like they always do to Nyquist. Crazy riding either way.

  2. Ucchie makes his hard tricks combos look just a walk in the park. I give hardest combo to Hotoke but still would had give Ucchie the win. Props to these riders.

    • @ MattWilhelm – I think its judged on best combo, which I’m presuming thats why Hotoke chased that combo down so hard.
      @Omari – It’s so noisy its hard to tell, I know the hook, next time I hear it I will let you know. It does sound like High Contrast.
      Amazing contest, big up Ucchie, Hotoke and Moto. On repeat today.

  3. One combo, to decide the World Champion? That doesn’t seem like the best way to decide the best rider in the world, but would explain the outcome. All of these guys are amazing either way.

  4. The fact that Hotoke did that combo in a in a contest is insane. I was shouting at the screen!

    Everyone was riding at such a high level – unbelievable!

    I want a Zai frame now!

  5. They were all great Moto throw down a longer link as well with much more tricks too. Uchiee buss down too also landed more links as well just the way they do there judging…

  6. I’m stoked that Hotoke won. He deserved it. It’s good that it comes down to a single combo. It stops people resting on their laurels and makes them go hard. It also keeps if fresh and makes it a better spectacle.

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