James White: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 19

Episode 19 of the podcast is live. English interview of the legend of UK and London flatland scene: James White! Tune in and listen to talk of James’ debuts, influences, progress, videos, contests, hip hop sponsors, the scene and much more.

https://hang5podcast.buzzsprout.com or your favorite streaming platforms. Note that the first 17 episodes are in French.

Enjoy listening!

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4 thoughts on “James White: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 19

  1. This is a really in-depth interview with a lot of things I had no idea about . Loving these podcasts ! I’m stoked , just now finding out about James being influenced by Amos Burke to remove his brakes . I’m still watching Amos , his section in Shutdown to this day ! As James said about Amos…..raw style , indeed ! James is such an elite O.G. , TIMES 7…….I’ll say it again ….Fifty shades of White was such a excellent edit showing you how deep his tricktionary is and has always been…thank you , Hang five podcast , keep em coming !

  2. I got stupid pumped on this. My original comment has been waiting on moderation for a minute now. Super sick interview gentlemen. Thanks again for putting this out there for us all!

  3. Keep up the podcasts, they’re great. I’ve attempted to listen to the french ones but my grade 9 french won’t quite cut it.

    I put James White on a pedestal.

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