Kio Hayakawa is the 2021 @bmx Flatlander of the Year

Kio Hayakawa is the 2021 Flatlander of the Year! What an amazing year of progression for Kio. Well deserved award!!

Congratulations also to all the nominees: Matthias Dandois, Viki Gomez, Hiroya Morisaki, and Terry Adam’s.

5 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa is the 2021 @bmx Flatlander of the Year

  1. THAT is what I’m on about ! That winning U.F.L. combo alone in my opinion is worthy of this year’s N.O.R.A. CUP .( I’ve watched it so many times. ) The stuff this dude is creating AND linking is just phenomenal , reminds me of how park riders are doing BMX video game tricks . ( but in REAL life ! ) Kio has it all …..mental , extremely difficult tricks /techniques . He’s literally been a new standard for progressive , new Flatland innovation , all this while having such smooth , flowing riding style . I just knew he had this sewed up……just like everyone knew Martti had the 2002 X -Games and World’s contests sewed up after those 2nd runs. Watching Kio ride , to me is VERY humbling , motivating …..his level is so damn high it makes you a lil bit more hungry to push your own personal progression . A dictionary definition of today’s best and progressive Flatland BMX freestyle riding , TIMES 7 …….ie ….blender to FULL bike flip exit , REVERSE switch -B transition to double foot /rolling back yard , blender , backside -apple crate , decade exit …..and SO much more……congrats , Kio !

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